by / August 26th, 2009 /

Ghostbusters: The Video Game – X360, PS3, Wii

It’s clear even to State‘s mammy that the -80s are back in vogue at the moment, so it’s probably no surprise that the good folks who create video games have resurrected the film classic starring Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis. What is mildly surprising, however, is that it’s good fun.

The vast majority of game/film tie-ins can broadly be termed -cash cows’, pretty generic action adventures designed to capitalise on a movie’s massive marketing budget rather than try anything new or exciting. Ghostbusters, however, while not exactly rewriting the gaming rule-book, has plenty of interesting game mechanics to keep both film fans and gaming aficionados content.

The fact that the storyline was written by Messrs Akroyd and Ramis probably tells a lot, with more madcap adventures and quips than an entire season of most sit-coms, and a storyline that actually engages your funny bone as much as your trigger-finger, complete with power-hungry millionaires, ancient demons and an exotic love interest.

You play a new cadet, undergoing a pretty frantic initiation into the spook-seeking fraternity – -Zap -em, cap -em and bag -em’ is pretty much the only instruction you need – as you quickly become the Experimental Equipment Technician (the guinea pig for their latest inventions). Armed primarily with your trusty proton pack, you’re quickly embroiled in a laser-fest involving a host of paranormal pests, some of whom will be instantly familiar to anyone with even a passing memory of the original film and some newer and nastier. While actually fighting the ghosts can be a little trying, thanks in the main to the time it takes to force said spirits into your traps.

That said, fine graphics, cracking voice acting (featuring the original stars) and a finely penned plot make for a fun way to spend a few hours in front of the screen.