by / November 18th, 2011 /

God Of War Collection 2 – PS3 (SCEE)

Fair play to Sony’s Santa Monica Studio for keeping us God of War fans happy until the latest chapter in Kratos’ ongoing stuggles appears (hopefully in 2012). This is the second bundle of GOW games to be spruced up for the next gen. console, this time from the original PSP titles. Like the first collection, what it lacks in graphical finesse, it more than makes up for in gameplay.

Basically, there are two full games here, Chains Of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. The former sees our bald avenger trying to rescue Helios, the sun god, and restore him to his rightful place in the sky, while the latter gets a little more personal, as Kratos finds out that his brother Deimos, who he thought long-dead, is actually alive.

When it comes to GOW, however, plot is merely a device which leads to bloodshed, lots and lots of bloodshed, as Kratos slaughters armies of mythical beasties, from minotaurs to gorgons, as well as some familiar names from Greek legend (the episode with Midas is particularly memorable) en route to his goal. Cue lots of suitably godly pronouncements, some light puzzle solving, and more double-crosses than State’s attempt to do the cryptic crossword, thanks to the vagaries of the inhabitants of Olympus, as the bodycount inevitably reaches epic proportions.

While the visuals aren’t as multi-layered as GOW titles developed on the PS3, they hold up pretty well against most rivals, and the stirring score and voice acting is suitably godly. But it’s the combination of combat, exploration, platforming and puzzle solving that ensures any GOW title a special place in State’s heart. Bloody good fun.