by / July 5th, 2011 /


Two years after the original inFAMOUS introduced us to electrifying anti-hero Cole McGrath, it’s time to charge up your superpowers for another turbo-charged action adventure. The good news: Cole still retains his ability to fire electric bolts at enemies, which is handy, as there are plenty of bad guys intent on his destruction. The game begins with The Beast, a nasty giant of Biblical proportions, tearing up Empire City, forcing our hero to flee south, seeking a scientist who may hold the answers to increasing his powers to the point where he can defeat the evil entity that’s laying waste to the good old US of A.

His destination is New Marais, a once beautiful southern city, now over-run with gangs and crime, controlled by a particularly unwelcoming militia. It’s here that Cole must carry out a host of missions, in search of the blast cores that will help his powers to grow. OK, so the storyline won’t have Hollywood knocking down the developers’ doors, but the gameplay is fun, and varied enough, to make up for it, as our super-charged superhero takes out mortar emplacements, freeing captives, saving citizens and blowing lots of stuff up across the city, from old plantations to eerie cemetaries. All the time, he has the option to make moral choices, which affect how he is viewed by the ordinary citizens of New Marais: although this ethical element is a bit too simple to really engage.

The gameplay is a mixture of action and exploration, as Cole negotiates the rooftops and alleyways of the city, often coming across like a Marvel version of Assassins’ Creed (without that game’s all-enveloping plot). The ability to create and customise your own missions is a novel and welcome addition.To be honest, inFAMOUS 2 doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither should you: once you get over the limitations of the story, the game is actually a lot of fun.