by / June 14th, 2009 /

jOG – Wii, PS2

jOG isn’t a game, but it can enhance the way you play games, and help your fitness into the bargain. Essentially, it’s a motion-sensitive controller that enables the player to control on-screen characters through their own body movements: if you run (on the spot, of course), your character runs too. The jOG controller detects if you take a step and only allows your on-screen character to move when you start to jog on the spot. The peripheral works with most existing PS2 and Wii titles (especially shooters, RPGs and action adventure titles), where the left analogue stick (PS2) or nunchuck (Wii) controls character movement. It’s great fun, and while you might not stick with jOG for a marathon gaming session (you’ll be bloody exhausted), it adds an extra, physical dimension and level of interaction to games, and can extend the playing-life of some titles you thought you’d had enough of.