by / March 16th, 2011 /

Killzone 3 (PS3)

Easily the most satisfying game in the series to date, Killzone 3 is a worthy adversary to Halo, Resistance or Gears Of War. Set immediately after the events of Killzone 2, the game once again plunges us straight into the action, as our ISA team try to extricate themselves from the Helghan capital, having assassinated their leader Visari.

It’s not as simple as it seems, however. Despite the fact that their figurehead is gone, the dastardly Helghast have a whole cabinet of warlords, who look like they just stepped straight out of the American Civil War, as well as an archetypal mad scientist/megalomaniac, whose new biological weapons look set to alter the course of the conflict once and for all. They weren’t counting on your brave ISA troopers, however, who refuse to give up the fight and take the battle to the Cockney-spouting enemy via that old favourite of outnumbered armies the world over, guerrilla warfare.

The visuals are absolutely top-notch, from the Nazi-esque Helghast rallies to the battle-ravaged vistas and hostile environments of Helghan, and the voice-acting too is pretty decent. The plot, however, sounds like it could have been invented by a gang of none-too-bright ten-year-olds, but truth be told, when the action is relentless and some of the firefights are tough as old boots, you don’t really have too much spare time to concentrate on the intricacies of the plot. There’s a decent amount of variation in the missions – our personal favourite being those that involve strapping into a jet-pack – and the sense of achievement when you complete a particularly taxing task, such as surviving the Helghast attack on your guerrilla campsite, is genuine.

Add in a decent co-op mode (every shooter should have one), a lengthy single player campaign and a battery of online options and you have the latest great shooter to hit the market, without ever really hitting the heights of Halo or Resistance. Recommended.