by / May 25th, 2011 /

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game (PS3, X360, Wii PC)

After the genius of the Indiana Jones and Star Wars games, it was perhaps inevitable that Captain Jack Sparrow and his motley crew would be given a LEGO makeover, and while it’s enjoyable, this game doesn’t quite live up to the exquisite standards set by its predecessors thanks to one rather clunky plot mechanic – basically, you can spend quite a lot of time just figuring out what to do to progress to the next level, which can be more than a tad frustrating.

That said, the game is still more than worthy of attention, with much to recommend it: the same gentle, yet ironic, humour, with hilarious cut-scenes; a variety of stunning locations, from Singapore to London; some superb set-pieces (one involving rolling around hillsides in circular cages) and enough puzzle solving to keep most gamers happy. The sight of a noseless LEGO Jack Sparrow swaying and hallucinating his way across a LEGO desert is worth the admission price alone!

It is unquestionably fun, with generally excellent graphics, a host of familiar characters and four playable chapters, each dedicated to one of the movies (including the latest, On Stranger Tides), and the pick-up-and-play nature of the co-op mode, whereby you can join in or drop out as the mood takes you, adds immeasurably to the enjoyment: these games are so damn playable that even your non-gaming other half will probably end up having a go and getting mildly addicted.