by / December 2nd, 2009 /

Lego Rock Band – X360, PS3, Wii

Taking its cue from the likes of Guitar Hero and the obviously named Rock Band, Lego Rock Band does pretty much what you’d expect: puts you behind the mic, drums, bass or guitar in a brand spanking new, plastic (oh no) band and lets you warble, strum, wallop and bang your way to virtual superstardom.

Like other games in the Lego genre, this has a charm that’s way ahead of most of its competitors, thanks to chuckle-some touches, such as the band auditions in story mode, the variety of ridiculous hair-cuts and costumes available and the Lego-ised versions of some of your favourite acts, from Blur to Queen. The addition of Iggy Pop as vocal coach is a nice, if slightly bizarre touch – State can’t imagine the non-clean-living Iggy of yesteryear having anything to do with the voice-over industry (or being asked, for that matter).

That aside, it’s pretty much a vocal/rhythm challenge, with enough skill levels to allow even the most tonally challenged, rhythm-free family member to feel good about themselves, while the choice of songs is pretty broad, with everything from -Ghostbusters’ to -The Final Countdown’, -Song 2′ to -I Want You Back’, Vampire Weekend to Spinal Tap. It’s not exactly an original concept, so if you already own a similar title, this might be one to rent, but if you’ve yet to experience the joys of watching your mates make absolute gobshites of themselves while trying to rock out, it’s definitely worth a punt.

  • Conor

    High-five for plastic (oh no) band pun — frame that one!