by / May 24th, 2011 /

Portal 2 (PS3, X360, PC)

An ingenious puzzle game which will test your grey matter more than your reflexes, Portal 2 (the original game was part of the Orange Box, along with Half Life 1 & 2) is an experience like few other you will have on any console. Your mission, essentially, is to guide your character though a series of tests by utilising portals (opening gateways between previously inaccessible areas). It seems simple, you can place a portal on any solid white background, so you open a portal at an accessible point, fire its twin to a hitherto unreachable position, and then simply walk through. Once you’ve worked your way through the game’s early levels, however, things become a lot tougher, and you’ll find that Portal 2 tests not only your logical reasoning, but spacial awareness, and knowledge of basic physics as well. Add in a cracking co-op mode that’s completely separate to the single player game, as well as a maddeningly sarcastic sense of humour, and you have one of the most original, challenging titles of 2011 thus far.