by / March 17th, 2011 /

Rango (PS3, X360)

Based on the animated movie of the same name, Rango is an action platformer with superb visuals and cracking voice acting, but the brevity of the single player campaign ensures it falls short of greatness.

This is the Old West, but not as we know it. Rango is set amongst the lizards, rodents and snakes that make up the population of the dusty little town called Dirt, where something sinister is going on, involving meteorite fragments, outlaw rabbits, zombies and laser-toting alien fish. Peddling a nice tongue-in-cheek style humour, in the style of Ratchet & Clank, a game with which it also shares a lot of stylistic and gameplay similarities, from the chunky visuals to the rail-grinding sequences, the game follows the eponymous lizard sheriff as he bids to get to the bottom of the mysterious events, while simultaneously trying to woo his sweetheart, Beans, whose father disappeared following a meteor shower 15 years earlier.

Combining platforming, and (pretty simple) puzzle-solving with combat (both shooting and melee), Rango looks and sounds fantastic, and its sometimes bizarre sense of humour (especially the trippy arcade level towards the end) is both innovative and welcome. If it was longer, we’d have no hesitation in recommending it wholeheartedly, but with a playing time of under five hours, it’s just too short to justify a big financial outlay.