by / March 12th, 2012 /

Rayman Origins – PS Vita (Ubisoft)

While some of the Vita’s launch titles push mobile gaming to its limits, blurring the line between gaming at home and on-the-go, others seek to recreate old favourites for a new generation. A side-scrolling platformer in the mould of, say, the original Mario, Rayman Origins is such a game. Indeed, it’s so damn addictive, State hasn’t been able to stop playing it for the last four days, leaving us way behind on our other reviews.

This time around Rayman and his buddies, like Globox and the Teensies (with four playable characters to choose from), have to fight off the armies of the Livid Dead, while saving Betilla and the Bodacious Nymphs of the Glade from captivity, and being rewarded with superpowers. Sporting lovely, colourful cartoony graphics and more than 60 levels of classic platforming action, as well as some delicious side-scrolling shooter levels and big boss fights, Rayman Origins is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hard to put down.