by / September 27th, 2011 /

Resistance 3 – PS3 (SCEE)

Another year, another epic battle against the Chimeran hordes, as the latest instalment in the Resistance franchise hits the PS3. For the first time, players are not taking on the role of super-solider Nathan Hale, but instead play his killer, Joseph Capelli.

The action begins in 1957 Oklahoma, with Capelli and his family part of an underground compound of human survivors, eking out their existence in perpetual fear of the Chimera. This being Resistance, it isn’t long before Capelli’s relatively benign lifestyle, comprised mainly of hunting and sentry duty, is turned upside down by the arrival of a Chimeran raiding party and his old frenemy, Dr Malokov, who developed the vaccine for the Chimeran virus from a unique protein found in the blood of the now deceased Hale. No sooner has Capelli’s home-town of Haven been evacuated than our anti-hero is traipsing through a sizable proportion of the United States, on a madcap mission to New York City to destroy a wormhole, which could mean the end of the bloodthirsty Chimera once and for all.

The plot may be 1950s’ b-movie, but the action is as relentless as you’d expect from a 21st Century shooter, as Capelli gets to handle a huge variety of weapon types, both human and Chimeran, in some of the most ferocious firefights ever witnessed on the PS3. Getting to grips with the firepower at your disposal is key to your survival – use the alien Auger to take down enemies from behind cover or get up close and personal with the Hedgehog, a Chimeran anti-personnel grenade. The weapons’ secondary features are just as impressive – the Marksman sniper rifle also allows you to deploy automated mini-turrets, taking down multiple bad guys in the vicinity.

The graphics are impressive, without being outrageous, the sound is more than adequate (some players will still get the shivers when they hear the all-too-familiar feral grunts of the Chimera) but it’s the never-dissipating sense of menace and non-stop action that makes Resistance 3 a worthy adversary. The ability to play the entire single player campaign in co-op mode is a major plus, while the online play includes massive multi-player battles. Recommended.