by / October 18th, 2010 /

Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2 (PS3, Xbox 360)

Once more into the cockpit, dear boys… The world is in crisis, as terrorist insurgencies are mounting on a global scale, with the disappearance of three Russian nuclear devices merely the latest in a growing series of attacks on the free world. As an elite fighter pilot with the HAWX team, you’re charged with taking on the bad guys all over the planet, as you digfight your way through squadron after squadron of enemy fighters.

OK, so the premise is not new, but does HAWX deliver on action? Yes. But is it any good? The answer to this isn’t so easy. Sure, some of the aerial shoot-outs are great fun, and the impressive enemy AI means that there is a genuine sense of achievement when you do manage to lock on and eliminate rival aircraft. The addition of take-off and landing sequences, plus the uber-tough mid-air refuelling, adds to the difficulty level, but after a couple of hours it’s hard to get away from the feeling of deja vu as you enter one dogfight after another, with a few ground targets thrown in for a modicum of variation. The co-op mode is tough to master but well worth it, but the single player game doesn’t offer enough variety or innovation to really make this worth shelling out on. Fun to rent for a weekend, rather than to buy.

  • liam

    wonder if tom clancy has made more money putting his name on games than he did writing books?