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Antics: Robotnik’s Hitler Tache Party – Crawdaddy, Dublin

Antics Presents:

ROBOTNIK’S HITLER TACHE PARTY – Crawdaddy, 11pm, 7th April 2010

Hitler ruined that moustache for the rest of us. It’s true. How many
people do you see today who sport Hitler moustaches? Probably not many.

When most people visualize Hitler, the first thing they think of is the
moustache. It’s become a powerful image in today’s society. Anti-war
protesters have used pictures of George W. Bush with such a moustache. The
viewer doesn’t even need to read the text on the signs to get the
protester’s gist; the moustache says it all.

So, the image the moustache presents to us is so powerful, no ordinary
person can wear one without being accused of being a Nazi. In my opinion,
that’s really too bad. If you look at it by itself, it’s not a bad
moustache. It certainly looks more dignified than, say, a Lenin beard.
But, because of Hitler, the moustache represents pure evil, the
quintessense of vileness. I’m glad that nobody noticed that Hitler wore
pants, otherwise, society might frown on pants too.

So the reason for this party is to break through all this crap about some
tiny piece of facial hair and celebrate the silliness by wearing the
famous tache on 7th April.


Robotnik’s new PEOPLE WALK AWAY EP (Germany release only) will also be
exclusively for sale on the night.

–ROBOTNIK (live)
–Bangers&Mash featuring Bantum (DJ Set)
–Doors 11pm
–€5 + Drink Promos