by / December 15th, 2009 /

B-Music – Thomas House, Dublin

So it’s that time of year again, Santy is coming and the goose has eaten all the pies, but it’s not time to go to bed early quiet yet! Well, not untill you -ve joined in the selection box that is the B-Music end of year bash with all the regulars serving up a veritable feast of other worldly sounds from the 60s & 70s. Dancing is allowed and encouraged, flashing reindeer horns are, well optional!!

So if ya fancy it we will be in the Thomas House early doors serving up fuzz, turk surf, no no, sun drenched pop, vintage kraut, hairy funk and oddball soundtrack music sourced from the far flung corners of four continents…….

‘¦’¦.oh and best of all its free entry!!

Maximum Joy presents
B-MUSIC @ Thomas House
Friday 18 December
7PM til late

Micí Durnin
Darren McCreesh
Christine Kelly
Mark Winkleman
Mick Donohue
Paul English
Peter Toomey

B-Music is an independent collective of DJs, musicians and music lovers dedicated to the obsessive and painstaking perusal of obscure, obsolete, exquisitely obnoxious, unbelievable, underexposed and undeniably delectable discs of experimental pop music from the psyched-out sixties and seventies. provides a pocket library for discerning aficionados of fascinating rhythms from six times around the globe – unifying record collectors, beat diggers, fanatics of the avant-garde and trash-merchants alike.

Centred around the Mancunian eponymous travelling club and bar night – hosted by Andy Votel (Twisted Nerve) and Dominic Thomas- and along with twin record labels Finders Keepers and Delay 68, B-Music represents a passionate, un-blinkered approach to the culmination of way-out sounds encompassing all elements of off-kilter counter-culture: Psych, Prog, Space ,Ye-Ye, Euro Beat, Folk, Funk, Jazz and Whacked Out Movie Musak, as well as cherry pickings of bugged-out cinema, design and literature in token doses.