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Darkstar – The Workman’s Club, Dublin

Harmonic Presents…

DARKSTAR (Hyperdub)

& special guest

The Workman’s Club

Friday Feb 11th, 2011

Doors 11pm (LATE SHOW)

Tickets €14 from, City Discs & Ticketmaster outlets nationwide

“21st century man machines.” – Fader

“…the dubstep single of the year is surely Darkstar’s “Need You”. First dropped on an unsuspecting DMZ crowd by Dub War’s Dave Q, it married a 2step flex with a hummable jungle bassline, sweet sexual vocoders with fuzzy wonky synths. It was perfectly formed but it sure wasn’t small. The reclamation of dubstep has begun.” – Pitchfork

“The beats are post-garage, the synths Teutonic, the sonics tinged with Oriental exotica, the vocals processed, the textures glitchy, there are keyboard washes and rhythms that build and build, rise and swell…North is one the best albums of its kindtheir dark, drained sound could be a contender for next year’s Mercury prize.” – The Guardian

Darkstar started life as the production and writing team of James Young and Aiden Whalley, but are now an upgraded model of the Darkstar which released the much loved single ‘Aidy’s Girl is A Computer’ at the end of 2009.That song and previous singles ‘Need you’ and ‘Squeeze my lime’ hinted at a nascent song writing talent and a mastery of oozing synth drones, which was made explicit on their 2010 Hyperdub debut album ‘North’.

On ‘North’ and the subsequent live shows, the band have adjusted their focus, and added a lead singer James Buttery as a front man.

The result is a brave, low-key pop masterpiece, which discards with the cheap thrills and treadmill ideas that many deploy to access success. Instead, ‘North’ will creep up on you with each listen, seducing you with achingly gorgeous, synthesized song writing, with a live show that soaks the audience in atmosphere while the song writing and performance grabs them by the heart.