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Discotekken – Twisted Pepper (Mezz), Dublin

What: Discotekken
When: April 10th
Where: Twisted Pepper Mezz, Dublin
Admission: e6 on concession list, e8 with print off pass / flyer, e10 on door.

Concession list & all Discotekken info HERE or printable link here:

Discotekken April 10th Lineup:

Mark Allton (Shock)
Louis Scully (12/Discotekken)
Chris O’Donohoe (Discotekken)
Eamon Meaney

“After 7 months of sweaty dance parties Discotekken returns to the Twisted Pepper Mezz for another disco meltdown this April, this time with Dublin’s finest English DJ export; Mark Allton. Mark has been spinning house, disco, boogie, electro, funk et al for 17 years now & knows a thing or two about rocking a crowd – to say the very least. For tonight he’ll be tailoring his set to his surroundings with his take on disco & early – mid 80s boogie, which should prove to be nothing short of a mighty good time! Also on the night will be Discotekken residents Louis & Chris with warmup from guest spinner Eamon Meaney.”

When signing last months’ e6 concession list, attendees were asked to complete the sentence “Discotekken is…”, here’s some of what they wrote:

“consistantly the best night out a month
a load of hippys watchin an even bigger hippy (who probably doesn’t even have a lazer card) play the beegee’s
f******* GREAT!
on every month
only me life
a boob filled wonderland for young and old
groin grabbingly good
a sobering warning of what happens when you drop your baby on its noggin
the hip way to know your pregnant-‘OH MA GAD I’M TWO DISCOTEKKENS LATE!!’
dripping with sexual discoey ooze
what i look forward to
v nice
si nekketocsid
bleedin’ rapeh
deadly with beer
finger lickin’ good
bleedin jayziz deadly buzzage
new to me
a small woodland animal, recognisable by its harsh odour and flourescent fur
Awesome! Class!
only rapih! ride me louis!
DEH SHIiiiii
Tekken with only Eddy
rather pleasing
f*ckin awesome
full of many beautiful sweaty lads and lasses
on the 13th of March
New to me! Hurray!
disco wreckin
a bit gay
pure gold
off…the chain….yo
a grate place to pick up hot boys
the SHIT
my medicine”

Upcoming at Discotekken:

May 8th – Space Dimension Controller (Clone/Wild Oats)