• Sue & Neil

    Awesome gig last night, highly recommended even if you’re not a killers fan, the energy was amazing. Everyone was up on their feet, dancing and singing throughout. TOP GIG!!!

  • Ian

    UNBELIEVABLE gig!! best one i have ever been at and i love the killers!! i was in the seating area but didnt sit down once The Killers came on stage!! amazing gig!

  • Carl

    it was the best gig ever better then the rhcp and paramore combined

  • dan

    who were the support bands?

  • Sue & Neil

    Support band was Louis XIV, who I noticed also do backing vocals on a couple of tracks on “Sam’s Town”. They were pretty good too! Killers came on stage at about 9pm and really rocked the place for the next hour and a half. I think the playlist was something like this …
    1. Spaceman
    2. Losing Touch
    3. Somebody Told Me
    4. Smile
    5. This is your Life
    6. Joyride
    7. I Can’t Stay
    8. BLING!!
    9. Shadowplay
    10. Reasons
    11. Neon Tiger
    12. Human
    13. Sam’s Town
    14. Read My MInd
    15. Mr Brightside
    16. All These Things
    17. Dustland Fairytale
    18. Bones
    19. Jenny
    20. When you were Young

    Best gig I’ve been to for years, now looking for tickets for other venues!

  • killian

    this was an incredible gig…the crowd blew the place apart and the killers lapped it up. the renovated point is fantastic if you’ve not been. check out the youtube footage for an idea of it.

  • Chissel

    Very poor sound quality which ruined the gig

  • Jane

    BEST GIG EVER !! UNBELIEVEABLE ATHMOSPHERE !! The sound was amazing, Im still sore from all the jumping and singing.. The set was perfect with no gaps and Brandon Flowers is the sexiest man to ever walk this earth…

  • Susan

    Totally amazing gig. Sexy Brandon was looking a bit skinny but still easy on the eye. Still haven’t forgiven him for admitting on live TV his love for Pet Shop Boys. O2 great venue, had amazing seats and it was non stop rocking all night.

  • Christine

    Sad to say but I’m 32 and it was my first time to go and see a live concert. I love the Killers. They were absolutely brillant and Brandon is a very fine thing…..

  • Lauren

    I just adore these threads.

  • Conor Healy

    Unbelievable gig!! Best ive ever been to!!!!

  • Mark

    Ynbelievable gig !! but did they pay shadowplay i’m not too sure?