• Mistletoeusa

    Our song about Kilkee “The diamond Rocks” has just been chosen for RTE’s main playlist for this week, 9th Jan 2012;


    If you’d like the rest of the country to know about the beauty of
    Kilkee, please phone RTE and request it! In honour of Che, it’s a
    Latin/bossa nova rhythm

    Incidentally, due to budgetary constraints, the video – soon to
    appear on youtube – was filmed in Muir Bay, California, as distinct from
    Moore Bay! Hope you like it, nevertheless


    Mistletoe Music California

  • erigena

    A chairde

    The video of the song about Kilkee“The
    Diamond Rocks” is now on Youtube;

    It is still on the RTE central playlist
    for the week of 16th Jan 2012;


    We have been reliably informed it will
    be up there next week as well. Phone RTE to request they play it and
    put Kilkee on the map!