by / August 22nd, 2009 /

Jay Reatard – Whelan’s, Dublin

Watch Me Fall is the debut album proper for Matador Records from Memphis prolific punk wunderkind Jay Reatard and is the heir apparent to 2006’s essential Blood Visions. In between these two albums, Jay has released two compilations of 7″ singles for In The Red and Matador respectively (both 2008) and has also been busy with his own Shattered Records label (home to acts like Box Elders, Useless Eaters, Jeffrey Novak and Hunx). When people call him prodigious, they might be underselling him somewhat.

For his second studio album, Watch Me Fall, Jay has moved beyond his roots and recorded an album chockful of irresistible melodies and cascading with joyous hooks. He would not be Jay Reatard, however, if there wasn’t a certain aggro negativity, and the song titles and lyrics do much to undercut the pop sensibility: -I’m Watching You’, -Hang Them All’, -Can’t Do It Anymore’, -Wounded’, -It Ain’t Gonna Save Me’.

Earlier this year, Jay described the making of Watch Me Fall to labelmate Andrew Earles: “This new album has been challenging. It’s the first time I’ve written and recorded an album specifically because a label wants to release it. I’ve never made a record for a record label. I’ve always finished my recordings and then a label is decided on. When I made Blood Visions I had no idea that it was going to see the light of day. And I’ve never made a record in which the label heard the songs, or anyone heard the songs, before the album was finished, so that’s kind of intense. I try not to let it distract me, I’m trying to go about this process in a way that’s the closest to how I would have done an album in the past. A lot of bands these days, they approach the making of an album like it’s collecting songs, they don’t think about how all of the songs are going to work together. They sequence their albums on iTunes, wondering what songs sound best next to each other rather than putting them together as they were written. That’s not an album.”

Jay and band are touring the record in the States in the coming months and are hitting the UK and will play one date at Whelans in Dublin on November 16th. Tickets are €16 on sale tomorrow through Ticketmaster and other usual outlets nationwide.

Booking Line: 0818 719 300.