by / April 27th, 2011 /

Justin Sullivan & Dean White (New Model Army) – Academy 2, Dublin

Autumn 2010 saw New Model Army reach their 30th Anniversary with marathon celebrationary concerts on four continents, box-set releases and a wave of good will. And still they show no sign of slowing down – already preparing a new studio album to follow 2009’s Today Is A Good Day, their third new album in five years and widely acclaimed as being equal to their very best.

Meanwhile founder and main songwriter Justin Sullivan continues to do semi-acoustic alternative performances of NMA material, accompanied by the band’s guitarist/keyboardist, Dean White – a format that is more intimate and flexible while losing very little of New Model Army’s famous intensity. The duo have done these shows across the World in every setting possible – from tiny clubs to huge Festival stages, from prisons to palaces and this summer will be playing a handful of special shows between NMA engagements.

Support for the duo’s Irish dates comes from Queen Elvis.