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Maps & Atlases, Adebisi Shank – Whelan’s, Dublin

Maps & Atlases
+ special guests

Whelan’s, Saturday, Oct 23, 7.30pm

Tickets from WAV [Lo-Call 1890 200 078],, City Discs, & Ticketmaster outlets nationwide

“Perch Patchwork is eclectic and consistent…each detour offers its own small reward.” – Pitchfork

“Maps & Atlases’s music offers every bit of the exhilaration of virtuosity, but it’s not about showing off. It’s about getting all those ideas out before the next one crowds in.” – The New York Times

“Perch Patchwork showcases the band’s songwriting chops with the intricate technical aspects of prog-art rock while keeping an accessible pop undertone.” – Filter

“This Chicago four-piece weld the intricate quirks of Animal Collective with a backdrop of clomping wooden guiros and woozy synths, while mastering the vocal melancholy of TV On The Radio so majestically that singer [Dave Davison] sounds like a Tunde Adebimpe in the making.” – NME

Chicago’s progressive songsmiths Maps & Atlases make their Irish debut in Whelan’s on Saturday, October 23.

Known for their virtuosic musical ability, Maps & Atlases write pop songs with a magnificent aptitude for texture and a distinctive blend of both the intricate and organic.

The members of Maps & Atlases met in Chicago while attending art school at Columbia College. Shiraz Dada, Chris Hainey, Dave Davison, and Erin Elders first came together trying to find a sound that was both technical and organic, in the same vein as their influences Don Caballero and Hella. They subsequently released two EPs through Sargent House. While Tree, Swallows, Houses showcased the band’s more technical side, the subsequent You And Me And The Mountain presented more earthly and digestible songs that earned comparisons to TV On The Radio, Deerhoof, CAN, and even Prince.

Maps and Atlases offer songs that wrestle themselves from flailing, algebraic fits of spazzy guitar notes and drum ruptures to lulling, voice-driven melodies that speak stories using lyrical images, creating a distinctive blend of the intricate and organic.

Barsuk Records released their debut album in June this year. Perch Patchwork was produced by Jason Cupp (The Elected, Nurses, Cast Spells). The band’s unique style melds the technicality of progressive music and the idiosyncrasies of art rock into a fascinating and oddly accessible sound all their own.

“It was great to be able to step outside of our live setting and imagine the songs in a different way,” said guitarist Erin Elders about the recording process for Perch Patchwork. “Jason Cupp brought another dimension to the songs that was really exciting to hear. We were able to deconstruct them part by part and then rebuild each verse or chorus with a different sonic idea.”
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