• Matt

    I was sad to discover that most of the reviews about this show are correct. Noel and Julian are self-indulgent and lazy, playing on the hype of a new, young fanbase – garnered mostly from the disappointing series 3 – who treat them like rock stars who cannot put a foot wrong. The first half of the show is a lazy spotters guide as various minor charaters parade on to stage and perform largely poor sketches. A lot of the audience seemed not to notice the lack of quality, instead just whooping and hollering on cue. The best parts, and the core reason for their success is the simple interplay between Vince and Howard. Unfortunately they seem to have forgotten this, preferring lavish sets and props and meagre scripts instead.

    I can’t review the second half because I left in disgust during the interval. I’ve never done that before but I thought I would have a better time watching re-runs of Peep Show on TV at home, drinking my own vodka and coke (which costs considerably less than the €15 for two I was being charged in the 02 Arena) and controlling my own heating/air conditioning (I thought the 02 staff were trying to suffocate me). Unsurprisingly I was right, and I didn’t have to wait 2 hours (!) for the show to start.

    The gripes with the arena would have dissolved had the show been any good. I would not recommend this tour to anybody, it’s not half the show the previous tour was and frankly, after loving the Mighty Boosh since the radio shows I think this experience may have hammered the last few nails into the coffin. Series 3 was poor in comparison to 1 & 2 and this show is the icing on the cake.

  • Matt

    Oh, I forgot to mention that the lovely people at the 02 “upgrdaded” me on my arrival to the arena. UP being the operative part. I was shifted to the very back of the arena where there really should have been coin-operated telescopes in place. I watched the TV screens for most of the performance, only experiencing the ‘live’ feeling via the knowledge that it was live.

  • Nathan

    I disagree with everything that you have said. I think that about sums up how I feel about youre review.

  • Bollo

    I have a bad feeling about some of these negative vibes but hopefully it will all work out ok in the long run

  • Michael Moon

    Matt… u really need to take chill out mate. why did u go the boosh on monday if you feel like that about them. I mean if you have watched them before (which i presume u have otherwise u really were a bit silly to go) u should have known what you were going to get.. and in fairness when u go out in Ireland €15 for 2 vodkas and cokes is the norm.. maybe you should stay at home in future. do everyone a favour! the boosh are great!! in a world so serious and cynical we need comedy like the boosh who clearly have learned the art of not taking themselves to seriously and making people laugh.

  • Gaz

    I am agree with a lot of what matt said. First off, I was shock at the amount of teenage girls at the show – I have never seen that at a comedy gig before. It shows that really MB are closer to a band than comedy, in the public’s eyes.

    Its a pity because they can be really funny (just listen to the radio series), but with this show they are on autopilot. It would not have mattered what Vince said the girls would have screamed anyway….

  • James

    Matt, you’re spot on. I thought the dialogue at the beginning was the best part of the show, and it was a promising start as I had no idea what to expect (jumping late on the MB bandwagon by recently buying the series – and enjoying it a lot).

    Soon after that it was apparent that the crowd were going to be sycophantic to a sickening degree, and would gladly lap up anything the guys threw at them regardless of the quality. I did learn a lesson in how to waste time if your stuck for material – pretend you are a lithuanian comedian and simply have a conversation with your hand – that got a large round of applause, whoops and cheers. Am I going mental, is this humour or as Matt pointed out pure laziness. I’ve no idea how this awful sketch made it from an idea to an actual performance. I’m not finished yet, can someone remind me what the point of Naboo’a character is again? he wears funny slippers and can dance, thats quite a talent. He didn’t even have a retort when his brother made some lame joke aimed at him. Excellent. His swivelling chair is his party piece, requiring him to simply sit on his arse – says it all really. There were several other awful sketches that relied simply on catch phrases from the tv show (“its an outrage!”) to garner a laugh. The crowd gladly did without fail.

    Moving on, Julian Barrett is obviously the brains of the show, he is witty, self depreciating and has a comical dead pan delivery. I’m sure the adualtion of screaming fans is fulfilling and money is always nice but he must realise he’s wasting his talent, and a lot of people’s time (namely the over 20’s). His banter with Vince Noir was always the highlight, and they do make a great comedy duo.

    I was relieved when the interval came, and was close to walking out because it had started late. But my wife convinced me to stay and it did improve from then on. The theatrical piece about the post apocalyptic/global warming world had some quality moments, and when it was hijacked by Vince Noir and turned into a glam rock spaz out I did cheer and clap like a little girl – it was infections. The music, as with their series, was excellent and did not disappoint.

    Sorry fanboys/girls. Hope you can deal with criticism of your heroes better than the above children can.

  • Tara

    It seems a lot of you are upset at the Boosh fanbase rather than the Boosh themselves? Yes it turns out a lot of sickening fangirls but move on, get over it.
    I was at both shows this year and I do think the Olympia one was a bit better, i dont think they’re really suited to arenas but at the same time..if they sell the seats then why not? The Boosh has exploded from this tiny cult thing to a hugh pop culture phenomenon and there are always going to be people lamenting for the “good old days when no one but me and my mate Dave knew who they were” but this is just what happens. I still think they’re unique and they’re definitely taking the Boosh idea to a different place focusing more on the band aspect now as the TV show was winding down. The idea’s evolving and some people will like it and…unfortunately, some won’t.

  • Gaz

    You say its evolving, I think it’s stagnating. Probably the reason some people are commenting about the fanbase is that, for me anyway, I was expecting a comedy show, not a westlife gig.

  • I was there myself. Not being a massive fan, I enjoyed it but mostly enjoyed the interplay between Barrat and Fielding at the start and post-interval. When required, Fielding can be quite a dynamic comedian and many of his lines at least, seemed improvised.

    Some of the characters were just plain awful. I’ve no problem with people whooping, they were enjoying themselves. Having said that, there were no really crying laughing moments. It probably says more than I could if I continued than to just say I wouldn’t go see them again.

  • Shane

    I would agree with the reviewer to a certain point. The first part of the show was not great, being very low on any funny, laugh out loud moments. However, if you are going to review the show properly it would be advisable to stay the duration as they, in my opinion, rescued the show after the interval with some very good interplay between Vince and Howard and with a cracking finale which included a very good rendition of ‘Nanageddon’. Overall I was a little disapointed with the show and with the hordes of teenage girls sitting behind me who shrieked and offered themselves up to Fielding throughout the entire performance. The performance certainly did not justify the standing ovation they received at the end of the show.

  • Quick point of order, this wasn’t an official State review…

  • Shane

    Duly noted.

  • Hollie

    I don’t quite see how it could be a bad show?
    I thought it was brilliant, and alot better than the tv show.

  • Matt

    Michael Moon, I went to the show because despite my reservations about the third series I remained a big fan and thought their last tour was fantatsic. That tour did not give me any clues as to the awfulness of the current one.

    I’m not sure where your local is but €15 IS steep for two vodkas and coke. Especially when you consider that €4 of the price was for a splash of coke from a two litre bottle. The staff were visibly embarassed pouring it out and one even felt compelled to apologise.

    I would like “comedy like the boosh” if it were funny. Sadly, they appear to be either running out of ideas or not really caring anymore.

    Gaz, I agree compeltely, they’re stagnating at present. Hopefully when Noel gets bored of his rock idol lifestyle and Julian fully gets to grip with his new family they’ll return to well-crafted originality. I also agree with your comedy / band comment.

    Tara, one of the reasons I mentioned the younger fanbase was because I feel that TMB were lazily going through the motions because they know that a lot of the fans would be satisfied with token gestures. And they were. TMB were never about catchphrases; they’re becoming more like Ricky Gervais’s mock sit-com, When the Whistle Blows, and less like innovative award winners. A lot of the time it felt like canned whooping as the sound editor pressed the button, time and again, following each familiar face or catchphrase. I find your “lamenting the good old days” comment quite insulting. IMHO, despite the number of fans they have, their comedy is not the same brand now; they chased the fame and the bucks, fair enough, and maybe they adapted to embrace a wider audience. Now they’ve got it they’ve just switched off and given up trying. Well, you’ll have to excuse me for not liking it and moving on to something else. It has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of people who know who they are.

    Where was the narrative? How could we join them on an adventure through time and space? There wasn’t one. Maybe series 4 should be Noel’s caberet? That would please everyone I’m sure. I’ll sit in front of the TV and laugh when I’m supposed to like a good little boy. If I practice I might some day be able to do it in sync with the canned whooping.

  • colum

    jaysus matt bet you are fun to live with..sum up matt means dull..yes dull..like the paint..it was a great show..left before the second half..hmmm jealousy suspected..hmmm..i wonder!

  • colum

    to boosh fans..it blew me away..thank you boosh for an amazing show..and this the second time i have been to a boosh show..you put life back into comedy..its ridiculous brilliance i love it..yep..its magic..keep it up boosh

  • Matt

    Hi Colum, how about you argue your point and tell me why you disagree with my comments rather than attacking me personally. Have you ever thought of becoming a right wing Talk Radio host in the US? They also argue via irrelevant personal jibes and often do not make sense, like you.

    Why are you addressing your nondescript praise towards “boosh fans”? I’m a “boosh fan” (ordinarily). Unless you think that anybody who dares criticise the mighty Mighty Boosh is not a fan? That you cannot be critical AND be a fan? That would also be something you’d share with a right wing Talk Radio host in the US. And probably the Nazis.

  • Only took 18 comments to get to a Nazis comparison. Nice..

  • Matt


  • Christine

    Loved it so much I saw it twice :]

    I disagree with some of these reviews, but hey. Its all opinions.
    People need to chill out. It is just a comedy show!


  • Saraah

    The Boosh have got lazy. Agree with Matt 100%. Their overload of ideas last year – book, film, album, tour – means nothing if they don’t have new material to make them with.

  • Have you ever thought of becoming a right wing Talk Radio host in the US? They also argue via irrelevant personal jibes and often do not make sense, like you.

    This has got to be the most obtuse allegory I’ve seen in a long time.

  • quarnoth

    i wasnt impressed, my ears were ringing due to the screams from the 16 yr old girls behind me who laughed at everything fielding said even when he wasnt being funny. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY…..can anyone remember what the album was that they were playing on repeat b4 the show started? it was deadly, i think one of the songs is featured in an ad cheers if anybody can help!

  • My Little Vincy!!

    I don’t agree the idea that the boosh crew have gotten lasy, however I think they have some what destroyed what first of all brought me to the boosh, that was the fact that you could only watch it on bbc3 or online, now with the book and rumours of a film to be released in early 2010 it has lost some of its “cult” like qualities. I used to love finding other people who liked the mighty boosh i felt it was a challenge and loved telling SELECTED people about it and getting there reactions. I also think that with the publicity they are getting with NME,Hotpress and the likes they can’t help but get more popular so I don’t think thats its there fault.

    I really enjoyed the show although it wasn’t crying with laughter material I really enjoyed it, I thought it was quite funny and great entertainment. Having said that I agree the price for alcohal and food alike was utherly ridiculous €12 for two bottles of budwiser you can’t justifie that. The other thing about the night that was utherly ridiculous was the amount of teenage girls wandering around looking like they came out of a strip club. I have NO problem with people dressing up I saw a couple who were dressed up as old gregg and the hitcher, I thought they had some balls to walk down the quays like that fair play to them, but if your going to dress up go all out you can’t just think because you wearing mini skirts and had lighting bolts painted on there face you were ither neon or ultra(the electro girls form “electro boy”) it was sickening. Ok im not the oldest im only 18, but I was shocked that there were people aged between 14-17 there in the first place and second of all that there parents let them out dressed like that. It should of followed the traditional comedy gig approch by beening an over 18s show.

  • Quarnoth – the album was White denim’s Workout Holiday.

  • Gaz

    Vincy – Are you for real? Your pissed off because they became famous!!??

  • Matt

    “This has got to be the most obtuse allegory I’ve seen in a long time.”

    I didn’t realise I had posted in BBC Radio 4’s Marcel Proust debate forum.

  • k nevermind that was more obtuse

  • My Little Vincy!!

    no Gaz no, i’m not pissed off because they became famous. Well done to them and i hope they get even more famous. Im pissed off because there where children at the gig, and the people they represent. Those people are the sort of people that play there music out loud on the bus and stuff like that. When noel fielding got off stage and walked around there where some kids who jumped up out of there seat and started screaming that was out of order it was a COMEDY gig not a Justin Timberlake concert.