by / November 8th, 2009 /

Natty Wailer & Live Band – The Purty Loft, Dun Laoghaire

Playing with Bob Marley changed Natty Wailer-s life. A quarter of a century since Marley’s death, Natty, now living in Belfast, is devoted to keeping alive the reggae godfather’s legacy. After leaving the Wailers in 2000, he founded his own entourage with the main purpose of continuing this tradition.
He is a man on a mission with a passion. Since the launching of his CD “Lifted”, he has organised and worked with numerous workshops, live performances, festivals and charities. He has recently worked with the multicultural group Sean Agus Noa who made the album ‘Eagsulacht’ featuring 65 Galway based musicians from 20 diverse ethnic groups as a celebration of Ireland’s cultural diversity. For that project Natty composed and recorded a track titled “Let’s come together”

Natty looks forward to the imminent release of his new CD ‘Destiny’. All details of this forthcoming release will be on his website www, Don’t miss his live performance at The Purty Loft Venue, Dun Laoghaire, on Saturday 28th November.

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