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Raekwon The Chef, Melodica Deathship – Button Factory, Dublin

ChoiceCuts proudly presents
Raekwon the Chef (Wu Tang)
with support from Melodica Deathship & DJ Mayhem
Wednesday March 16th (Patrick’s Eve)
The Button Factory Curved Street Temple Bar Dublin 2
Doors 7.30pm Admission €22
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Join Raekwon as he rediscovers his fabled purple toned release Only Built for Cuban Linx… on March 16th. In 1993, hip-hop would be forever changed by the emergence of the gritty, Shaolin style of the seminal rap clique, the Wu-Tang Clan. Straight from the streets of Staten Island , New York , a unique conglomerate of nine individually exceptional lyricists flourished.

The Wu style was soon imitated. Their grimy, sparse beats and incredibly diverse lyrical flows, which creatively drew from Kung-Fu flicks, became the musical blueprint for many hip-hop cliques. To this day, the Wu-Tang’s impact on hip-hop culture is unyielding. The Wu not only influenced the state of music as a group but also as individuals. Each members is possessed his own exceptional characteristics which attracted cult followings.

Raekwon (the Chef), one of the nine talented emcees, shined as the purist of lyricists. When the time came for him to release his first solo album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (1995), hip-hop, once again, underwent a momentous transformation. To give an accurate analogy Cuban Linx is to albums what Scarface is to movies. In fact, this classic album, which went gold in three days moves from track to track like a film moves from scene to scene. With its invigorating instrumentals and dramatic lyrical tales, Raekwon painted vivid pictures and presented powerful imagery through his enchanting verbal expression.

Rae’s ground breaking debut album helped to bring the flavour of flossing to wax as well as the use of the moniker among Wu brethren and other prominent emcees. The single “Verbal Intercourse” featured the first appearance of Nas Escobar, Nas’ alter ego. Similarly, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, who served as Rae’s partner in rhyme throughout the entire Cuban Linx album, also developed a slew of other identities. Identities like Lex Diamond, one of the flashy, witty and intellectually stimulating personas of the multifaceted Raekwon.

In the years after the release of Cuban Linx, Raekwon continued to record several albums with the Clan including the platinum Wu-Tang Forver (1997) and The W (2000), as well as the gold Iron Flag (2001). He also starred in the critically acclaimed film Black and White, before releasing his second solo album, Immobilarity in 1999. Four years later, The Lex Diamond Story dropped in 2003.

This was followed by several mixtapes until Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 dropped in 2009, then Wu Massacre (Ghost & Method Man) and this tour marks the release of Shaolin v Wu Tang.

Animated and intense, Raekwon’s stealth delivery is filled with emotion, skilled cadence and an array of diverse stories, hooks, and topics. Unchained and uninhibited, he is assertive with his music and focused on his goals.

This special performance of Only Built For Cuban Linx is part of a special series of live shows taking place in 2011 for ChoiceCuts. Tickets will go on sale January 12th with &