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Skinny Wolves: Xeno & Oaklander, Led Er Est, Boys of Summer – Whelan’s (Upstairs), Dublin

We are delighted to announce that two of New York Citys finest cold
wave / minimal synth inspired bands, are coming to play Dublin, on
Sunday 18th April

Xeno & Oaklander have finally dropped their highly anticipated
full-length via Wierd Records. “Sentinelle” features 12 tracks of
pulsing electronics and warm vocal melodies, combining the ice-cold
edge minimal synth with the lush romanticism of shoegaze.

Released at the same time as Sentinelle is Dust On Common, the debut
LP from Led Er Est. It’s an anthemic take on cold wave that matches
dissonant industrial textures with hooky choruses and dancefloor

Opening up on the night are Dublin’s Boys of Summer, whose synthetic
drone has been described as “The sound of John Carpenter being buried

Hope to see you at the show!

– Skinny Wolves


Skinny Wolves Presents:

**XENO & OAKLANDER (Usa, Wierd Records)

LED ER EST (Usa, Wierd Records)


Sunday 18th April 2010

Whelans (upstairs), Wexford St, Dublin

Doors : 7.30pm / Tickets info : 12E from WAV &



Miss Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride, aka Xeno and Oaklander, began
performing at bars, clubs and private parties in 2004, functioning
single-handedly along with Sean’s solo project Martial Canterel as the
instigators of what has now become a new, rapidly growing movement of
minimal electronic bands in the United States. Inspired by the likes
of the largely unknown first wave of continental European minimal
electronic bands of the early 80’s (Absolute Body Control, Twilight
Ritual, Martin Dupont, Snowy Red), the seminal early industrial bands,
as well as the emphemeral, psychedelic atmospheres of the British
shoegaze bands of the 1990s, Xeno and Oaklander perform using entirely
analogue synthesizers, sequencers, and drum machines to produce a
highly-crafted, complex of form of moody, electronic pop music that is
simultaneously romantically melancholic and affirmatively aggresive.
Uptempo, cold, distant, echo-laden electronic landscapes provide a
spacious, melancholic backdrop for Miss Liz’s complex ephemeral
lyrical presence. Their entirely live approach to both performance and
recording, unmediated by the computer or any prerecorded playback
interference, presents a new optimistic radical paradigm shift for
electronic music in which the analogue synthesizer functions entirely
anew as a folk instrument of humanist resistance to a ‘soft synth’
world being ‘clicked and dragged’ into oblivion.

“For fans of : Indie/wave/pop, electro/electronica, minimal electronic
music (Absolute Body Control, Twilight Ritual, Martial Canterel),
early industrial music (Throbbing Gristle, SPK), new wave (early OMD,
Human League).”

“Incredible! By the end of their set, the icy synths had melted more
than a few closed minds and the head nodding went from minimal to a
little more real. Xeno & Oaklander were one of the most meserizing
acts of the weekend at No Fun Fest this year. Expect to hear more of
them in this spot in the future.” – FADER

“Fantastically bleak electropop made out of vintage keyboards and
clanking beats!” – NME

“Xeno & Oaklander combine the beauty of a synthwave chanteuse with a
D.I.Y. artpop charm.” – OTHER MUSIC, NYC


Xeno & Oaklander – “Sentinelle”

Xeno & Oaklander – “Preuss” (Live at WIERD)

Xeno & Oaklander – Bomb Sessions interview “Preuss” Peerformance

X&O documentary feature produced by Vice Magazine for–2



Led er est was formed in early 2007 by Samuel kKlovenhoof and Shawn
NoEQ. Drawing from the dire textures of first-wave industrial music,
the craftsmanship and ambience of postpunk and coldwave, and the
primal kineticism of old school house and techno, the project was
initially more of an outlet for song fragments and delirious baubles.
As their sound took a more structured turn towards the end of 2007,
Owen Stokes was recruited. Led er est strives towards that which is
otherworldy and alien(ating), but also immediate and infectious. Their
live performance is raw and unhinged, at times leaning towards the
improvisatory, but ultimately rooted in traditional songcraft.

Brooklyn’s Wierd Records is proud to present the debut LP from Led Er
Est entitled Dust on Common. Formed in 2007, the band has both been
fostered by and has served as a vitally integral part of the Brooklyn
minimal electronics scene that surrounds the Wierd Records label and
weekly party that has been active in New York since 2003. Like their
close friends and label allies Martial Canterel and Xeno & Oaklander,
this first full-length release shows the three piece clearly breaking
out of the Wierd minimal synth underground to create an undeniably
contemporary set of highly crafted, sophisticatedly restrained, and
icily psyche-delic pop songs. Following on the heels of both last
year’s self-released and ‘gone in five minutes’ debut 7″ ‘Fingers
Curling Up’, as well as the recently released single on Brooklyn’s
Captured Tracks label ‘Poll Gorm b/w ‘Man and Tree’, this long-awaited
Long-Player shows the band confidently coming into their own and is a
welcome frozen blast of pleasure to their many fans, as their wildly
raw and often improvisatory and unhinged live performances have
garnered devoted cult followings in the cold wave, house, disco, and
experimental electronics/noise scenes in Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

“For fans of : Butthole Surfers, Modest Mouse, Absolute Body Control,
Twilight Ritual, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Chameleons, Talk Talk,
Early Human League). ”


Led Er Est – Laredo



Boys of Summer is a Dublin based synthesizer trio made up of Paul G.
Smyth (The Jimmy Cake), Ivan Pawle (Sea Dog) and Andrew Fogarty
(Toymonger, Weil Rats) on the Munitions Family label.

The group primarily uses analogue synthesizers and tape delays to
create a modern electronic sound, which draws from early German
Electronic Experimentalists such as Tangerine Dream and Cluster;
Minimalist artists like Terry Riley and Brian Eno; 70s American Synth
artists (Michael Garrison and Mort Garson, etc).

Originally formed in Limerick in 2004 by Pawle and Fogarty, the duo
performed sporadically for a number of years, focusing mostly on their
participation other projects – Sea Dog, Toymonger, United Bible
Studies and various other projects. In 2008 the relaunched Boys of
Summer were joined by Paul G Smyth (Jimmy Cake) and have continued to
perform with international artists such as Cluster, Grouper, John
Weise, Pocahaunted, Sun Araw, Lucky Dragons and Gnod; as well as local
acts Sunken Foal, Cian Nugent, Children Under Hoof and Slomatics and
many others, in galleries, bars, sheds and kitchens around Ireland.

To date the group has released three albums on the Dublin-based
Munitions Family label; ‘V’ (2008), ‘Pharaoh’ (2009) and ‘Future
Ancients’ (2010).