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Social Rising: Land Lovers, Sport Of Kings, Electric Penguins – The Grand Social, Dublin

Social Rising is a new monthly event series reflecting and celebrating the emergence of a new wave of musicians at the top of their creative game providing which is at odds with the challenging times currently being experienced. By providing this kind of focus, The Grand Social and Social Rising aims to become a focus for the new and cutting edge where audiences can experience this vibrancy for themselves on a regular basis.

TIME: 8pm
DATE: 24th Nov

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Land Lovers are a band from Dublin in Ireland, who play in a melodic, wordy style that might not be actual pop music but is something of the sort. Formed in 2008 by Pádraig Cooney, who self-released the album Romance Romance, the full line-up now includes Cooney, Ciarán Canavan, Brian Lynch, Cormac Hughes and Shane Murphy.

They helped to found the Popical Island collective with fellow DIY-pop enthusiasts, formalising a co-operative relationship that had built up over time. The collective is now home to the likes of Tieranniesaur, Yeh Deadlies, Squarehead and Groom. Land Lovers play a central role in its various undertakings.

Prior to the new album, Confidants, the band has released the Immovable Feet EP; contributed songs to the much-loved Popical Island #1 and Popical Island #2 compilations; played wherever the need is greatest, including appearances at Electric Picnic and Forbidden Fruit; and released a limited-edition 10-song Yuletide Miscellany.

For this cocktail you will need the following:

-One part indie yacht rock, courtesy of songwriter and singer/guitarist Richard Kelly (imported from Dublin, Ireland).
-Locally produced bass lines (preferably organic), by Ben Haberland.
-A sprig of Fender Rhodes Piano, grown in pure Colorado air, by Matt Beckemeyer.
-A dollop of Moog Rogue and Southern-fried glockenspiel, by South Carolina’s Chris Hembree.
-Hong Kong’s tastiest percussion, so strong it’s banned in several American states, but smuggled into Brooklyn by Ian Chang.
-Square lumps of frozen water, sculpted into the shape of ice cubes. And finally,
-Three parts horns in the form of trombone, by Mac Walton, Tenor Sax by Jas Walton (hereafter know as ‘the Waltons’) and Trumpet by Billy Aukstik.

Serve in a highball glass with a cocktail umbrella.

“SYNTH ACT OF THE YEAR 2010” (Hot Press)

Bonded by influences from Kraftwerk to David Lynch movies to walking through Autumnal London and much besides Electric Penguins formed amidst a mutual love of vintage instruments, prog-rock and 70’s electronic legends. The group (formerly a 3-piece, now a duo) released their debut album in 2007 to substantial press acclaim and promising radio support.

Paul Murphy and Mark Cummins create music which is ambient, cinematic, folksy, electro and rich in conceptual depth.