by / October 19th, 2010 /

Spring Break – Vicar Street, Dublin


Live @ Vicar St. Dec 23rd

Tickets €27 on sale now!

Hi Spring Break fans.

Sonny Prizewater here, serving up all the latest revelations from your favourite 80s super group. The guys assure me this one’s on the house.

Throughout my years as a refreshment guru to the stars of the stage, screen and Reagan administration, I’ve invented numerous cocktails inspired by the events of my private life: The Easter Sunday Ding Dong, The Steamboat Stampede and The Texas Long Horn Squeeze, to name but three. Some people say that last one added six months to the marriage of Hollywood mega-stars Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson, though I’m not so sure. But what I do know – much like Burt does now – is that making a relationship work is much like creating an alcoholic

pick-me-up: you gotta experiment with your blend, allow each part to speak its mind and then give it time to bathe in its own rhythm. But first, you must pick the right ingredients.

At face value, what comprises the popular performing group Spring Break appears obvious: a thick slice of drums and bass, a generous handful of guitar sorcery, two drops of synthesizer subterfuge and a liberal sprinkling of vocal kinesis. But in reality, there’s much more to it than that. Peer inside this band’s red, white and blue melting pot and you’ll soon be drawing in an intoxicating ideological fusion.

Here, the effects of boycotting the Oscars because of its liberal agenda mixes with a belief in wide-scale privatisation of the public sector. Added to this is a penchant for corporate tax relief, market self-regulation and commercial synergies with private military contractors. All of these components are now stirred in with a willing devotion to perform and entertain, be it on their own tours or the PR drives of their benefactors and companions in the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency sector of the World Bank. When fully integrated, this entire potpourri is then used as a base to support music that always turns a profit, both financially and emotionally.

My friends and business partners in Spring Break will be bringing their unique mixture of spiritual artistry and hard line pragmatism to the stage in Vicar St this December 23rd. Tickets to the show are €27 on sale now online from , ticketmaster and in Sound Cellar of Nassau St.