• Renee

    Just returned from an awsome Bruce Springsteen concert of last night in the RDS. It is not easy to articulate the immense high those 3 hours produced for me; the electric atmosphere, the presence and sheer genius of this man, his energy his charisma, his handling of the chosen tracks and the magic of his talented musicians. I came home renewed, uplifted and invigorated and just know that if I never experience anything like it again that last night will suffice. For me Bruce does not belong to the category of ‘old rocker’ and it would be an insult to suggest it as some tend to do when describing him. All I can say is thanks for the music Bruce.

  • roguedevil

    I was at the Saturday night concert and thoroughly enjoyed the 3hours of quality rock. This Man is a Legend,an Icon,a Genius and much more. I enjoyed it so much that I came home with a sore throat,I got into that much. He exudes Charisma and Stage presence. All I can say is, I want to see more of the BOSS.