by / October 6th, 2009 /

Thinguma*jigSaw, Sport Murphy, ARLT – The Joinery, Dublin


The irresistible, revolutionary folk-duo from Norway dedicated to the pioneers of splatter-folk, deathbed lullabies, doomballadry and snuff-pop; Thinguma*jigSaw!

Thinguma*jigSaw being Martha Redivivus (aka Little Myth); flute, musical saw, melodica, bowed and plucked banjos, acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele, voice – and Seth H. Buncombe (aka The Severed Headmaster, The AwkWarden, The Invisible Choirboy, The Merciful Misanthrope); banjo and voice.

Splatterfolk combines elements of traditional Irish/British/American folk with contemporary art music, and spices it up with lyrical and musical components usually associated with horrorfilms, experimental theatre and modernistic poetry.

Thinguma*jigSaw are supported by Sport Murphy and ARLT.