• Utameni

    Puck fair knew they were on to a good thing when they teamed up with the truly stunning singer/songwriter KOKIA. A singer with an achingly beautiful voice and a talent for captivating melodies – listen to her once and her music will haunt you forever. An icon in Japan, massively popular in France, and already a successful recording artist in Ireland through her album Fairy Dance, KOKIA is a truly international musical genius. I’m flying over from Glasgow to be at the concert – I know that on June 16th she will set Dublin alight.

  • Endofautumn

    Yes you are right!KOKIA is amazing…”The Voice” and “Aigakikoeru”are masterpieces..Puck Fair were a great choice of band to record “Fairy Dance”with…adventurous,innovative and highly-skilled players..perfect musical partners for KOKIA…It will be a Fantastic night!