• Aileen

    Went to Leonard Cohen in O2 on 19th July. Didn’t enjoy it that much. Did anyone else have a problem with the sound and screens being a couple of seconds out? Really upset me. Went to him in Royal Hospital Kilmainham last year and he was out of this world.

  • Mark Kehoe

    saw leonard in dublin in 1988 and N.Y in 1988 and saw him in dublin in 2008 twice and had the pleasure of meeting him and it was a honour to speak to him.Just back from my 3rd concert this week and I have to say hes getting better as the years go by so roll on sunday in belfast 🙂

  • guapo_tucker

    3 times in Dublin and you’re coming to Belfast also, you must have been impressed Mark. Saw him in Dub last year and am heading to Belfast on Sunday! Answer me this, how did you manage to get talking to him?

  • Gwen Langford

    I was at the gig last night & it was simply amazing. One of the best gigs I was ever at. Yes the screens were a little out of sync but the sound was perfect.

  • Lee Healy

    Went to see the Thursday night gig in Dublin and left a very happy man. Out of this world!

  • rubyred

    hello all meet leonard today in shopping mall in Belfast
    I’m a life ling fan wake up to his music and fall asleep listening,
    I was overcome with emotion tears streaming he was a true gentleman
    had photo taken with him almost rugby tackled him for a hug quite embarrasing now.
    looking forward to sunday night!!!!!!!!!!!!


    With deep regret I Could not afford to go see Leonard Cohen this year. But the memories of him playing last year at Kilmainham, Dublin will live with me forever. Fantastic, what a show he put on, and yes, he just keeps getting better and better. Love u Leonard, you’re the best, Pauline Brown, Wexford


    When u comin Back Leonard? Love the dvd ‘Live in London’