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2 Many DJs – The Olympia, Dublin

A DJ set on a Monday night of the bank holiday is not usually an attractive proposition but it didn’t deter the crowd going to see 2 Many DJs in the Olympia. The Dewaele brothers are currently on their ‘Under the Covers Tour 2010’ putting on a full audio visual set. The mash-up specialists from Ghent, Belgium, always a festival favourite, came on stage after 10pm to a full house.

Donning their uniform white tuxedos, they opened with The Chemical Brothers ‘Hey Girl Hey Boy’ and mixed it up with ‘Dominator’ by Human Source v 808 State. Teasing the crowd and building up the show, the screen behind their mixing desk was only unveiled a couple of tracks in.

Flashing images of the single covers, some just before they are dropped into the mix, worked to excite the crowd. The cheeky and amusing visuals provided as much of the show as the music. Featuring animations of the groups on the single covers, an image of the normally morose Van Morrison and Them shaking their heads cannot fail to make you grin.

Hard to peg to any one genre, they mix up electro, punk, pop, rock and grunge, which is the beauty of their live set. The spin records you have loved and forgotten along with records your parents probably bought on vinyl first time around. The Radio Soulwax outfit have been criticized in the past for playing the same set over and over but they certainly give the audience what they want.
Their love for all music is evident by the eclectic mix executed with a sense of humour and mischief.

Mixing Abba’s ‘Money Money Money’ with ‘Dirty Cash’ by Stevie V adding a dash of Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’ was inspired. Other high points in the set were Donna Summers’ ‘I Feel Love’, MGMT ‘Kids’ and Daft Punks ‘Robot Rock’.

2 Many DJs do not take themselves too seriously and it’s this infectious fun that feeds into the audience – a nice change from humourless DJ’s.

To close the show, canons shot tonnes of white confetti into a sweaty hot Olympia to the sounds of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by Joy Division. There was no encore, but to the happy smiling tired crowd, there was no need.

Photo by Jonathan Wright.

  • that was a great night and i was stuck up on the circle sure it would bore me to tears. highlight for me was the klf with flashing neon graphic “its 1989”
    deffinatley an uplifting night to remember