by / March 29th, 2017 /

Dialogue 1st Birthday – White’s Tavern, Belfast

There’s underground, and then there’s Dialogue. While most events throughout major cities boast a wide and diverse range of underground talent, there are few that go to the lengths and depths that Belfast’s Dialogue do. Each member of the party throwing crew maintains a unique gift, never quite satisfied with the abundance of euphoric noise that is gifted upon us; instead they reach further and further into the extent to unearth lost, forgotten and unheard gems.

On Friday, 24th March, Dialogue celebrated one year of throwing parties. Residents Thomas Faulkner, Gray, Seb Munroe and T.R.I illustrated a deep romance for all things electronic, stylishly and flawlessly floating between the sounds of house, techno, breakbeat, electro and minimal on vinyl.

Joining them was avid record collector, Strange Frequency resident and Dialogue favourite Jake Hodgkinson.

Hailing from Bristol, Hodgkinson symbolises the mantra of the concept. The size of the artist is irrelevant; it’s all about the sound. Laid back grooves that drive as opposed to pound radiated from within the intimate atmosphere of White’s Tavern; each member of the audience swaying as one to a collective and infectious groove.

Finalising the line up was Phonica Records Tom Cottrell. In addition to being the resident of underground institutes Get Pickled and Spaced, Cottrell showcased a musical knowledge so vast and impressive that it could only come from someone affiliated with London’s leading independent record store.

The addiction to bringing fresh sounds and faces to Belfast is warmly refreshing. This isn’t about money, this isn’t about looking cool, this is all about loving and friendly vibe where, in Gray’s words, “people of all races, genders and communities can come and dance.” There’s no pretension here, we’re all here for the same reasons, the right reasons.

Piece by piece the Dialogue crew are crafting their own mutual minded community of music enthusiasts that share a passion for an evolving sound that symbolises the ever developing landscape of the city it calls home. High end electronic music without the snobbery. Big up the Dialogue crew.