by / September 5th, 2017 /

Jayda G – Inside Moves, Belfast

Y’know what’s weird? People criticising a DJ for dancing behind the decks. I just don’t understand it. Have we become so dismally depressed as a society that we actually feel we have the right to criticise someone for having fun? I see comments flag up all the time criticising Nina Kraviz’s moves, and as Vancouver-bred Berlin-based artist Jayda G becomes bigger and bigger I’m scared that the same will follow, because man, she’s got soul.

Inside Moves are one of the most consistent party throwers in Belfast, inviting the likes of Dan Shake, and Kornel Kovacs to light up the room. What you see is what you get. Soul enlightening energy and positivity. Inside Moves is one for the vibers.

Jayda G’s set on Friday night was a masterclass in maintaining velocity. Those warm, uplifting feels did not stop, even for a minute. Yes, there were moments when the mixing was slightly off, but that’s never really an issue as long as the selections are great, which they were. Jayda actually addressed her mixing technique in an interview with Mixmag after a few critiquing comments were made during her Boiler Room session.

“Sometimes it’s just hard to beatmatch these tracks. I think that’s being pretty honest, and I think it’s OK, personally,” she says. “Some people probably don’t think that’s OK. But I’ve given myself leeway. The only person I’m trying to impress is myself. I think that’s the most important thing when you’re a DJ. If you stop impressing yourself, you’ve lost something.” 

It’s a struggle not to like Jayda. You can hear anything from the rarest 60’s disco cut to Earth, Wind & Fire. Even the most repulsive DJ’ing snob would have found it difficult to leave on Friday without a smile on their face. 

It should be noted just how credible the Inside Moves residents, Philip Melon and Conor Hairding, have become in such a short space of time. The low ceilings of the Bunatee were receiving blows from all angles as a packed-out room displayed their pleasure radiating from the musical knowledge of the artists behind the decks.

Yet another solid booking and another thoroughly enjoyable party by the Inside Moves gang. I’m already looking forward to see what’s next.