by / May 1st, 2009 /

Airborne Toxic Event – Lille Vega, Copenhagen

With the new album two months away from release the LA (‘we’re not from Hollywood. We from the side where people work’) group seem to be enjoying their tour, and genuinely happy with the people who have shown up to see them on their first visit to Denmark. They’re quite a mixed bunch on stage with a sharp-dressed, oriental bass player, a ridiculously pretty dude on bass, mustachioed drummer and a fine bottle-rocket of a lady with the most wonderful trashy rock haircut (yes, reader, we were a little) on the fiddle and keys. Fronted by a regular Joe kind of guy (presumably to balance the whole stage out) they brought a bit of energy and freshness to a performance which we’ve been in bad need of since the Bob Dylan boredom -n’ blues affair last month.

The singer’s voice isn’t great live, and many of the songs are a little forgettable but they do bellow up with their -hit number’, Sometime Around Midnight. A fine live number, albeit with some predictable lamenting over a girl messing with your head at a party. They also ended the set with the seven minutes-plus Innocence and it swung in and out of its different moods to great effect and, as far as we could tell, to the delight of the assembled. The encore was rousing (the drummer came back on stage ahead of the rest and did a little dance of glee which was entertaining and a little bizzare) and they ended with Missy which is a million times better live than on the LP. On this warm Wednesday night in Copenhagen, with no preconceptions of the band, it was a most enjoyable hour and fifteen.

Airborne Toxic Event play The Academy, Dublin this Sunday, May 3rd.