by / November 24th, 2015 /

All Tvvins – The Academy, Dublin

Since the release of their first song two years ago, Conor Adams and Lar Kaye’s collaboration All Tvvins has attracted a lot of attention. With both of their previous band’s winding down (Kaye’s Adebisi Shank and Adams’ Cast Of Cheers) the duo experimented with an electronic, alternative sound that somehow also stayed grounded to poppy hooks and melodies. The result of the last two years of touring and recording culminating with a sold out show in Dublin’s Academy on Friday.

Currently riding the wave of popularity from their latest single ‘Go’, Belfast natives Pleasure Beach open the night with an impressively atmospheric set. For a band who’s first live show was only a few months ago, their sound and stage presence is massive. With pop songs awash with synthesizers and obvious Springsteen influences (there’s even a cover thrown in for good measure), Pleasure Beach manage to make the usually intimate Academy sound like an arena.

The thumping drums of fan-favourite ‘Thank You’ introduces All Tvvins’ set with aplomb through the full production of lights and smoke. The songs come at a relaxed pace throughout the evening and as the night progresses you can see just how much live experience is on stage – the band has that tightness that only comes with a relentless touring schedule and breaks between songs are relaxed as opposed to rushed.

Highlights include new songs ‘Resurrect Me’ and ‘These Four Words’, with the latter showcasing the band’s talent at writing alternative pop.

Later on in the set Adams dedicates new song ‘The Fix’ to those lost in the recent Paris attacks, specifically those lost at the Bataclan venue. Being a week to the date of the attacks, for a moment or two it creates an eerie feel in the Academy that only dissipates when the music fills the air again.

Closing the night, ‘Darkest Ocean’ exhibits All Tvvins’ signature sound. Pulsing drums shake the room alongside deep synths while Kaye displays his usual guitar wizardry. All of this creates a deep soundscape, which Adams’ effect-laden vocals glide over, enticing the audience to sing along.

With three strong singles behind them, an energetic and memorable live show and an album due out next year with the backing of a major label, All Tvvins are shaping up to be something special. Tonight’s performance could be taken as a taster of what’s to come – bigger production, bigger songs and more than likely a bigger audience.