by / November 29th, 2013 /

Baths – Dublin

When a guy arrives on stage in the American equivalent of ’90s GAA shorts that leave little to the imagination and then declares that things might get a little zany, you expect that you’re in for a treat. Baths didn’t disappoint. Will Wiesenfeld released his second album as Baths, his alter ego, earlier this year and as a sequel to Cerulean it is a worthy (albeit a stray from his pop glitch) adversary. Both albums have garnered the miss labeled “DJ” deserved attention, but how does his lap-pop live performance compare to the albums? It exceeds expectation.

Amongst a wash of L.A. based producers, 24 year old Baths manages to stand out along with Flying Lotus and it’s easy to see why. Both his albums and his live show manage to captivate and his music is hugely accessible, whether you’re an avid electronic connoisseur, a music mogul or humble music fan. With support coming from rising Irish duo Carriages (who were a superb addition) tonight in the Button Factor is definitely a night for music lovers to enjoy.

The vocal samples, wandering percussion, myriad synth and piano created quality layered sounds and noteworthy tracks like ‘Lovely Bloodflow’ and ‘You’re My Excuse to Travel’ which gained notoriety upon their release in 2010 get the best response from your typical Wednesday crowd – the low key, not quite the weekend so awkwardly standing around hugging their one allotted pint, mixed with the barely legal kind of crowd.

The darker themed and more intimate side of his latest release, songs like ‘Miasma Sky’ and the disjointed ‘No Past Lives’ are beautiful. His set in general is captivating and flows poetically, with an encore culminating in a crescendo of sound, leaving a lasting imprint, despite the absence of ‘Animals’ – which he has admittedly grown sick of playing. Fair enough. There’s has been more than enough tonight to keep us happy.