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Beach House – Whelan’s, Dublin

Love is in the air on this the eve of St. Valentine’s Day and nowhere else is this more apparent than in the cosy confines of Whelan’s. We’re here of course to see Beach House’s triumphant return to Dublin after their unforgettable 3am performance, at last year’s Electric Picnic. The buzz surrounding this band and their current album, the sublime Teen Dream, sees the venue packed from the start, with the gig selling out five weeks previously.

Kicking off the night is Lawrence Arabia aka James Milne from New Zealand. With a mix of tender harmonies, great rhythm and catchy riffs, the band gets the crowd going and by the time they finish their fleeting set, State wants to hear more. The crowd begins to push forward and room is getting tight by the time Victoria and Alex take to the stage.

Hidden behind a mountain of lush brown curls, Victoria instantly sets hearts racing, with enthusiastic pleas from lovestruck fans, for her to carry their babies. The gig that follows is basically the musical equivalent of 350 people taking a nice, long and relaxing candlelit bath together, complete with bubbles. Accompanied by a live drummer who also doubles up as their light-man, the intimate setting is perfect as the band launches into their set. What follows is mostly material from Teen Dream which blends seamlessly together to create an evening of truly beautiful music.

Highlights including the uplifting ‘Silver Soul’, the heartwrenching ‘Used To Be’ and a triumphant ‘Norway’. There’s also a loud appreciative cheer as the audience are treated to material from previous album, Devotion. Tracks like ‘Gila’ and ‘Heart of Chambers’, still sounding as captivating as ever and remind the spellbound audience why they fell in love with the band, in the first place. It seems only moments have passed as Victoria sadly announces their last track of the night and the band walk offstage to rapturous applause only to return for a one song encore. This has been Beach House’s fourth appearance in Ireland and as the night draws to a close, we can only hope that the love affair will continue later this summer – festival bookers take note.

Eventually State was able to emerge from its post-gig blissed out state, and caught up with Victoria and Alex upstairs for a chat. In next month’s podcast we’ll hear the guys discussing the album as well as revealing some of their favourite tracks from Teen Dream.

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