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Beyoncé – O2, Dublin

Thirteen years ago, a curly long haired young female singer was selling tens of millions of albums around the world and became the biggest selling debut female artist in history. Fast forward to 2009 and Beyoncé Knowles is performing a cover of Alanis Morrisette’s’ ‘You Oughta Know’ to a crowd probably not old enough to remember the original and why it made such an impact.

Knowles is playing four sold out nights in the O2 in Dublin and State is there to witness one of the biggest shows to pass through Dublin this year. It’s the sort of spectacle that one could imagine eventually ending up in Vegas Beyoncé – an incredibly polished and professional performer – singing and dancing without missing a beat or a note. Opening with ‘Crazy in Love’ this is a performance that gets her (admittedly partisan) audience in the palm of her hand and holds them there for the full two hours of her show. There is only one point throughout the evening where she is not in control, when the crowd serenade her with a classic rendition of Olé, Olé, during which she just stands on the podium in the middle of the Arena, looking slightly bemused or maybe downright confused.

In contrast, the moment when Beyoncé seems completely at home is singing the Etta James song ‘At Last’, backed by the video of her performing at the inaugoration of Barack Obama, effortlessly transporting both us and her back to the 1960s. The young audience scream approval each time Barack Obama appears on the big screen, bringing a knowing smile from the singer.

The show comes to a close with ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’ and anybody that can can open a song with YouTube clips of numerous fans recreating the video in their homes and then get a huge audience of over 8000 fans dancing along with her can only really be described as an amazing performer, whose status as a modern icon of pop and soul is undoubted.





  • Wonder how many seconds she allowed the photographers to take photographs this time!

  • getaway d9

    Not enough from the evidence above!! What a woman!

  • we had 90 seconds to take photos, had to stand in one position too, couldn’t move at all.

  • Well, ya worked it well!

  • Nice work … at least they allowed you to move your finger on the shutter button. E.

  • HAW

    Wow… She’s all woman. Sigh.

  • Julie Bienvenu

    They’re brillant shots James! Loving in particular the light and shadow one.

    90 seconds to take photos, that’s a new record on board haha.

  • Bríd

    She was not confused about olé olé olé, she in fact did a rendition of it to Halo on two nights of the show, and she knows that the Irish fans always sing that to her as they’ve done that at the past 6 tours she’s done here!!!

  • mryan

    Bey… was in dublin for a week first show she was an hour late – All the people that pay for her shopping bills were queing for ages outside … Some cunt she is ,the reason for that was this obbsessive and schizophrenic madness of Diva mentality… if you can not owe it to your audience then dont perform at all we dont have time to waste thats all!! i think one day was enough we had enough of that Fshit we would rather the pub>>

  • JF

    Mryan thats a total lie! there was no diva behaviour, I was at the first show at the 02, the tickets said show starts at 8pm (meaning support acts) the first support act came on at exactly 8pm and played for about half an hour then a little bit after that the second support act came on for bout half an hour and beyonce was on before 9.30pm and played for two hours straight, she put on an amazing show and had a lot of craic with the audience, very good value as far as im concerned and going by the reaction of every other audience member that night i dont think there would be many complaints.

  • mryan

    another obbsessed fun” i dont have time to explain my self for all i know u cd be bey herself defending …. it was delayed… Reasonn :- testing equipment like they didnt have all day for that,,

  • mryan

    another obbsessed fun” i dont have time to explain my self for all i know u cd be bey herself defending …. it was delayed… Reasonn :- testing equipment like they didnt have all day for that,,
    u cd have been drunk yr self

  • the reason there was a delay on the first night was that somebody in the balcony spilled a drink onto the mixing desk at the back of the hall, so she was about 45 minutes late from the official stage time

  • JF

    Myran Im far from an obsessed “fun” (or is that fan you mean?), just able to appreciate a really good show when i see one, i also have a problem with people making up fairy stories like fans waiting outside for ages and the show not starting on time when it is completely untrue in reality. I think you may need to get some perspective on this and maybe relax a little bit!? Pot Kettle and Black are coming to mind while reading your accusations of Diva talk love, oh and the use of the C*nt word in your first post when referring to a woman (in this case beyonce) really gives your point more weight..such a charming way with words you have 😛