by / April 12th, 2011 /

Bibio – Button Factory, Dublin

Those familiar with the willful eclecticism of Bibio’s recorded work might have been perturbed by the bracketed words after his name on the poster – “Electronic Set”. The set was billed as “a montage of Bibio material from Ambivalence Avenue and the new album album Mind Bokeh, broken down to its elements and re-interpreted.”

Yet those familiar with Mind Bokeh, his latest, may have been upset by the lack of live instrumentation evident on the album from searing-hot guitar solos to funky keyboards to Stephen Wilkinson’s own singing voice which has been making more of an appearance in recorded form.

This set while missing those dynamics, still didn’t leave you feeling too short-changed. By concentrating on grooves and head-nodding beats from those last two albums, the night played out more like a DJ set of his own tunes, skillfully twisted in and out of recognisable shape. The only thing missing was the best tune on Mind Bokeh‘K Is For Kelson’, an ’80s TV inspired joyous synth jam that maybe didn’t fit in with the rest of the set but neither did the ill-advised jungle outro either. It was the only misstep on an otherwise dancing-friendly Friday night.

Photos by Damien McGlynn.
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  • Sam

    I thought the Jungle outro was completely hilarious and not at all ill-advised. At least the man doesn’t take himself too seriously. Twas a fun gig, a shame more people didn’t make it.

  • Sean O’Leary

    The place was half empty. I have to say, my mates and I didnt enjoy it. A live band would be better incorporating his first acoustic albums. Most of the crowd were talking too.

  • Abby

    Dunno if it was the bad sound, or the songs from his new LP are not as good as his previous work, but I didnt enjoy the gig.