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Boyce Avenue – The Academy, Dublin

The beer taps have been draped in black covers and the spirits bottles replaced with overpriced candy, while the back end of The Academy is populated entirely by middle-aged folk sighing, giggling amongst themselves and yawning profusely. At the front, meanwhile, semi gender-segregated dancing is punctuated by random, ear-threatening screaming. Yes, State feels every bit like we’ve unwittingly wondering into an underage disco.

Boyce Avenue are much like a very slightly rocked-up boy band. They’ve taken the typical pretty boy look, complete with stools and matching male model haircuts (to be fair they are all brothers, so the -matching’ part may not be intentional) and perform in a similar mould: predictable, sappy and about as rare as an American without a passport.

All of this, though, we could let slide – style and all – if Boyce Avenue actually came across like they were anything other than a high-grade karaoke act. I think most of us would have an (slightly) increased level of respect for any boy band that actually wrote their own music, especially if they did it well, but Boyce Avenue’s strategy seems to be to hide their own stuff in amongst as many covers as they can possible mash into a set list. While there’s one heart-warming ballad about a friend’s wife who committed suicide (a track the band look close to tears singing), the rest of the set consists of (we’re being generous here) 60-70% cover songs. Boyce Avenue’s own music is drowned out by average-at-best renditions of the most popular works of Oasis, The Fray, One Republic and other indie-pop and R&B stalwarts.

It’s not that Boyce Avenue can’t sing (though in truth their voices are nothing special either), more that their covers lack any originality of note, being simple straight up, Edam-ish covers of exactly what you’ve already heard a few too many times on the radio. When State leaves well before the expected encore (Train’s ‘Drops of Jupiter’ is our guess, based on the MySpace page’¦), a couple are standing outside and scanning the listings to work out who the latest R&B track is by, assuming a big name is strumming away inside. Oddly enough, Boyce Avenue rarely credit their cover songs, perhaps hoping that the assembled youngsters will assume the classic are their own original efforts?

It’s difficult to see the appeal of such a band. They’d play a decent role as a wedding act or pub circuit musician, and might even be entertaining for a cheese-fest in temple bar, but to be headlining the Academy – and selling a good few tickets, too – is frankly laughable, and can only be the product of the increasing influence of televised cover-song fests on young music culture. An hour and a half set with perhaps five original songs is akin to a live version of X-Factor, which, perhaps, is the appeal. Frankly the wannabes who populate that particular show year on year are more original and entertaining, and we’d be better off on the couch watching re-runs.

Photos by Abraham Tarrush.
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  • The photos in this article are excellent, however James Hendicott, the author of this review must rely solely on his writing skills because his ear for music is to say the least lacking. Obviously words are his movement in life not sounds otherwise he would have never written this review about such an amazing talent as Boyce Avenue. In correcting one misstatement…Boyce Avenue gives credit to any of the cover artists whose songs they perform and of whom they idolize. It certainly is not their fault that people who aren’t even fans of their music like Boyce Avenue versions better. They put their musical spin and style on classics and make them their own…But…have never taken credit or tried to give the impression for writing such songs. Perhaps it would be good for Mr. Hendicott to start reviewing childrens venues where he could better serve a group that are more to his level of thinking. I am a Boyce Avenue Fan and they are an amazing talent. Thanks, Terri Hicks

  • Lol. Seriously? Boyce Avenue’s musical spin is ‘make it as cheesy as possible’. They barely write any of their own songs, they have average voices and their main asset is looking nice, hence the largely teenage girl following. I’ve seen more than a hundred live performances just this year and I’d rank this as the very worst of them, and I include the band that performed at my sisters wedding in that. I’m not saying we should all agree on everything, but if such a cringey cover-fest is what you consider good music (which is your right, of course), don’t expect any music reviewer outside of Top Of The Pops Magazine to agree with you. Sorry.

    you’re right, though, Abe’s photos are excellent.

  • Incidentally, on the ‘children’s reviews’ bit, that’s exactly what I felt like I was reviewing here. Only over 18s in the place were parents at the back moaning about not being able to have a beer to get them through the night.

  • Jen Mackay


    Mr. Hendicott has failed to do his homework. Please DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE you malign the Manzano brothers. I have heard them credit the cover artists at live shows, and you can be assured I listed which ones I attended for your convenience.

    I disagree 100% with your erroneous and frankly insulting review. Boyce Avenue fans know EXACTLY what they are paying to hear when they attend a show. The band’s fan base is largely their You Tube audience at this early point in their career.

    The set list from the shows I attended were in order:

    Tonight (music by Daniel and Alejandro Manzano, lyrics by Daniel Manzano)

    Not Enough (music and lyrics by Fabian Manzano)

    Find Me (music and lyrics by Alejandro Manzano)

    Love Stoned (cover of Justin Timberlake-CREDITED as such on the You Tube cover video)

    Briane (music and lyrics by Alejandro and Daniel Manzano)

    Because of You (cover of Neo, CREDITED as such on the You Tube cover video)

    On My Way (music and lyrics by Alejandro Manzano)

    When the Lights Die (music and lyrics by Fabian Manzano)

    Disturbia (cover of Rhianna, CREDITED as such on You Tube video)

    Change Your Mind (music and lyrics by Alejandro Manzano)

    Every Breath (music and lyrics by Daniel Manzano)

    Broken Angel (music and lyrics by Alejandro Manzano)

    Iris (cover of Goo Goo Dools, CREDITED as such on You Tube video)

    Hear Me Now (music and lyrics by Alejandro Manzano)

    Shows attended:

    San Francisco 7-9-2009

    Vancouver BC CANADA 6-17-2010

    Seattle, WA 6-18-2010

    Portland, OR 6-19-2010

    San Francisco 6-21-2010

    No one said you have to like the band you reviewed, however, if you are going to accuse them of dishonesty or any trickery, I suggest you write a follow up piece. I will be posting this for other fans to rebut.

  • Justin Russo

    Boyce Avenue would never take credit from the work of other bands or artists, its such a shame that people like you write this reviews cause of hate,Alejandro’s voice is great and the covers they do ,alot of people prefer them than the original versions and thats not taking credit from others, thats just how music works,trash talk the band when you can do any better than Boyce Avenue either performing or songwriting. The guys have written their own songs not “barely”.. they did it with alot of effort and about “Briane” you dont know the whole story so its non of your business wheter if the guys write a song about that or not!.

  • TIffany

    OK first off…I have been a huge fan of these guys for 2 years now…Boyce Avenue are the sweetest group of guys and are EXTREMELY fan oriented…To review them the way you did is extremely HARSH…Think about it…the people who audition for American Idol…what do they sing? The people who sing on America’s Got Talent…what do they sing? And the people on youtube who end up making it BIG….what do they sing? COVER SONGS!!! Boyce Avenue expresses their feelings, emotions, and life’s lessons through their music. 10 out of 14 songs they have played during this US tour are ORIGINALS!!! 71%!!!! Personally I have recruited COUNTLESS people to become fans of Boyce Avenue in which say they absolutely LOVE their cover songs. They say they are better than the original artists. And before you start posting some psycho babble BS about them not giving credit to their cover songs…maybe you need to watch some youtube footage from fans who record at their shows…im pretty sure the Baltimore show in Oct 2009, Alejandro specifically stated and i quote “this song was originally done by a female artist” (Rihanna’s “disturbia”). And another thing…i’ll forward you a set list if you’d like to prove that 10 of the 14 songs (including the encore) were ORIGINALS. Do the research before you review any band.

  • Moni

    Hendicott you have a handicap!

    Be nice. Keep it clean. !!! .. thats why i ignore YOU!

    keep posting photos & travel …………!

    â—Š Moni

  • Jen Mackay

    I have personally heard Alejandro Manzano credit the original artists at each show in the States this year, and I already wrote which ones I attended.

  • I honestly thought that first comment was one of my friends winding me up, seems not… to give an idea of how bad my friends and I think this band are, it’s now an expression amongst us to say after a bad gig ‘better than Boyce Avenue’, which is a sarcastic way of saying it wasnt very good. My girlfriend still mocks me taking her down to see them.

    You’re welcome to your opinions and you’re welcome to comment, but I’m done replying, especially as the comments section is a good deal more vitriol fueled than the article (which doesnt worry me, by the way, I just dont see the point in starting a discussion over it). Just consider the following first:

    – I can only review what I saw. It’s irrelevant what they did in the US, this show was nearly all cover songs, and it’s this show I reviewed.

    – Most true music lovers in Ireland consider X Factor etc to be a byword for awful. Making the argument that they do the same on X Factor is just funny to us.

    – A review is a reviewer’s opinion, this is mine. I stand by it, and I genuinely wouldnt recommend Boyce Avenue is they were the only band in the world.

    You guys, carry on, this is a debate not worth having from my point of view, you’re fans and I think they’re dreadful. We’ll just have to agree to disagree, cos based on that showing I’d be utterly amazed if they ever change my mind.

  • Jen Mackay

    You are entitled to your opinion. You are however, incorrect about a great many things, including the ages of the fan base you just insulted.

  • Jen Mackay

    No one forced you to go to the show.

  • Jen Mackay

    So where is your set list??? I listed FACTS, not insults and rudeness.

  • Moni

    Dream on your stinky small review world!

    Thank goodness, we saw & heard quite different tunes like you done – not only in the USA! ….

  • Martin

    Fanclub alert! This is seriously funny, I actually thought the review was pretty witty, me. I’d rather listen to an impartial reviewer anyway so, not as biased. It made me laugh. Right, he’s hardly going to remember a setlist of songs from a band he hated playing months ago, is he Jenny? I think you’d probably find it’s his job to go to the show.

    Some people need to calm down and accept peoples views differ, no-one would like it every review was positive, it undermines credibility. I’ve heard a bit of Boyce Avenue, and let’s be honest, they are mainly a cover band.

  • Jen Mackay

    @ Martin: I was not addressing this to you, but the author. You are incorrect as is the author of this review regarding FACTS.

    YOU MISSED THE POINT. I asked for FACTS. HE DECLINED TO COMMENT. Yes, I expect a reviewer to do a thorough job. Especially if he is a professional working for a legitimate publication, for example, The New York Times or The London Times. However, whatever publication this is, I neither care nor wish to subscribe.


  • Alex

    I’m seeing things like that : everyone has the right to have their own opinion about things, if it’s not insulting.. but this review deffiniteley is ..i’m SORRY, but i was at the Europe Tour in March and i have to say..that they played a lot more originals..they played maybe about 40 – 50 % covers ! They got popular through YT with their covers, and unfortunately i have to admit, that some people who are going to their concerts, don’t even know the words to their original songs, but anyways !
    They worked their buts off to get to where they are now..they managed everything on their own, till they got signed !
    And that you even dare to talk about Briane like that (“a track the band look close to tears singing”), is like the biggest insult..there’s nothing ironical about it.absolutely nothing ! Losing a person is the hardest things, maybe you were happy enough not to experience that yet, and that’s how they deal with it.
    it’s something very personal..and if you don’t like them, it’s your decision, but getting personal is not the right way !
    And the best thing about them is, that they are absolutely fan oriented..tell me one band these days, who is talking to their fans on facebook for hours, meeting them before and after a concert ?! i can’t name just ONE.. besides Boyce Avenue.

  • Donna

    Hey James,

    I was there that night in the Academy, the previous night I had been at the gig in Belfast. Are you sure you were at the gig??? cause judging on the reception from the audience for both those nights, they were having an amazing time.

    Anyway, everyone is free to give their opinion so time for mine… the show was amazing, the whole atmostphere of the crowd was electric and the way the guys connected with their fans was really special. The set list was a perfect balance of covers and original which was EXACTLY what the fans wanted.

    Regarding the covers, didnt the guys ask the crowd, who found them on Youtube ?? and mentioned the fact that they started out doing covers on youtube? hmmm… one major flaw in your article! I would say that 95% of fans KNOW that Boyce Avenue came together through performing covers on Youtube.

    Secondly, the reason Boyce Avenue came back to Ireland so quickly was because the fans wanted them to!! At this stage their new album wasnt released so they performed a mixture of covers and tracks from “All youre meant to be” and the fans were extremely content at this, (except you )

    Sooo, what about “Tonight”, “Change your mind” “Every Breath” “When the Lights die” to mention a few! Or like I said where you at another gig?

    I understand everyone deserves their own opinion, but being part of their Uk/Ireland Street Team and hearing genuine review from fans luckily your one of the VERY few who didnt enjoy the gig and I really wish you would open your eyes and understand why these guys are so popular.

    Oh by the way do you even know what a Boy Band is? I didnt see Boyce Avenue dress identically, dancing routinely whilst miming to their backing track? I personally don’t dig Boy Bands at all and Boyce Avenue arent one of them!

    Boyce Avenue are not on the radio/TV in Ireland yet, so ask yourself this? How did they get so popular with all ages and all genders? How do they fill the venues if theyre “cheesy” unoriginal and a “karaoke” group??? How are their tours throughout the UK/Ireland so successfull? They must be doing something right. Why do SO many fans beg them to return?

    I recommend you go download their latest album and come back and tell me you feel the same way after listening to it?

    Lastly Martin, I for one like to hear and read reviews for both sides but this guy goes overboard. He deliberately false accusates to bring the band down. No artist would like that! Yes feel free to give your opinions, but dont get spiteful and lie!…

  • Let me first start out by saying a quote given to me by my mother “Opinions are like a**holes, everyone is entitled to theirs, and not much good comes out of them.” That being said, I have attended a Boyce Ave concert last year and throroughly enjoyed BOTH the cover songs and original songs written by the Manzano brothers, and although I cringe at stating my age, I am currently 44. The boys talents are pure, as is the music that they play. The guys are very approachable, downtoearth, and enjoy feedback from their fans. This perhaps was not your genre, but don’t flame them as they are an enjoyable, recreational and talented group of young men who have been maligned here.

  • Donna

    Perfectly said Tandy! and I just wanna add that im not a kid either who was attending an underage disco as this guy put it!. From what I saw the crowd was of all ages!

  • Donna

    Perfectly said Tandy! and I just wanna add that im not a kid either who was attending an underage disco as this guy put it!. From what I saw the crowd was of all ages!

  • My answer was simply, Jenny – your ‘facts’ have no relevence to this review, they were different shows. There’s nothing else to be said about it. I’m only replying because you seem so wound up about it, but that’s the only answer it needs, surely? A show they played half way round the world’s set list is just not relevent at all. That’s the only rebuttal this needs. Nothing else is inaccurate, you just disagree with it. Not the same thing.

  • Donna

    Eh HELLO!!! James!!? I was at the show, Im waiting for your response to my comment?

  • The show was 3 months ago Donna, I hated it. I have very little memory of it, other than being sure that it was full of covers. I go to at least two gigs a week, often three or four, so I just cant discuss the specifics of what was in the set, sorry. Like I said, it was the least enjoyable gig for me so far this year, and I’d struggle to talk about set specifics for the ones I did like that happened three months ago, let alone the ones I didn’t. Expecting me to recite a setlist or talk about exactly what the played might have been reasonable a few days later, but it isnt now, which is why I ignored your comments, that and the fact that they were far more abusive than anything I wrote in the review. I’m not obliged to defend myself against random abuse, I just choose to because I think it’s interesting.

    I dont doubt they have fans, but there’s a reason most publications dont send fans to review shows – its better if it’s more objective. I didnt know much about Boyce Avenue before the show and I didnt go in with an agenda. If you dont like what I wrote, so be it, that doesnt really concern me. After all, you’re all fans, we can’t write positive reviews to every show to please whoever happens to like that band. it just wouldnt be honest. This was honest, it describes exactly how I felt about it. I reviewed this gig, not any of the others, so those spouting setlists from a tour three months later, so what? What’s it got to do with this? Would a writer be being more honest if they reviewed based on what the band might have done? Clearly not.

    The fact they played four of five of their own songs is certainly true, the review doesnt say otherwise, but most of the show was mundane, poppy cover songs. That’s my only recollection of it – middle of the road, boring covers of very well-known bands, plus one good song about someone who died (and I really dont see how my comments on that were insulting. They were close to tears, the comment was on it being an emotional track for them).

    As for the stuff on not crediting, I meant they didnt credit at the show, which is what the article is about, not about YouTube. I guess it might have got embarrassing to mention who every song was by, given that so many were covers.

  • Just re-read your comments Donna, another thing – writers dont review gigs based on popularity or whether the fans liked the show. That’s not what a review is. I’m sure their fans loved it, but again, not relevent for writing the review, and would never get more than a line or two in any review. And yes, I know what a boy band is, and Boyce Avenue are practically the definition of one. Their ‘alternative rock’ listing on Wikipedia is just comedy gold, really!

    As for the stuff about lying, give me one lie in the review, any one. Go ahead…

  • Donna


    You obviously dont have a talent for reading and understanding articles? I never asked you to recite set lists?

    How is my comment abusive? Is this the pot calling the kettle black…if anyones comments are abusive its yours! I wrote a fair comment/review asking you where you came up with these ideas and why you felt you had to publicly try and bruise Boyce Avenues reputation.

    Yes its fine for you to state if you hated it but what im trying to get through to you is that your comments contain lies and factual errors… havent you heard of false accusations or slander??

    I seriously think you shouldn’t be writing articles! Aren’t reviews supposed to be a mixture of positive, negative and neutral…and another thing did u even ask for other peoples opinions after? No, you didnt because you left before the gig ended!

    Btw for such a boyband, karaoke act…. they are supporting the Goo Goo Dolls this year. Obviously your music knowledge and experience is more advanced and inferior than someone like the Goo Goo Dolls??? After all you dont understand their popularity.

  • Sarah

    Hi James,
    For you to say that 60-70% were cover songs is wrong. You may need to invest in a calculator. Also, I can assure you that they did credit the original artists of their covers, as they always do.
    I also agree with Donna, Boyce Avenue are NOT a boyband. They look alike because they are 3 brothers, and I don’t recall them dancing around the stage like idiots as boybands tend to do.
    From the first line of your review all I can take from this is that you were annoyed that you couldn’t drink that night.
    I also resent the fact that you wandered into ‘an underage disco’, because people were screaming! Are people not allowed to ‘let themselves go’ at a gig.
    I was dissapointed that this article was allowed to go through, and I always thought that as a writer you were required to have some knowledge on the band that was playing hence research was need.

    In response to your lastest comment this is a lie, ‘the rest of the set consists of (we’re being generous here) 60-70% cover songs’… and as I already said, maybe invest in a calculator.

  • Tell me what these false accusations are and I’ll respond to them Donna, just going on about them without actually mentioning what they might be is just silly. Quote them from the article, please, rather than drawing stuff out to mean what you think it does.

    The only ‘false’ thing I’ve done is disagree with you as far as I can tell. talking to the audience members is not part of writing a review, we don’t include an ‘audience opinion’ section, and a review is not supposed to reflect the audience’s views, it’s the writers opinion. That’s what you’re failing to understand. I ‘publically bruised Boyce Avenue’s reputation’ because I was asked to write a review, and I thought they sucked. Reviews are meant to be honest.

    This is not slander, it’s opinion. You’re the one who’s confused there.

    For the record, I like Goo Goo Dolls, they’re a very talented band, but again that’s totally irrelevent.

  • I’m sorry but iof that’s all you can come up with as ‘slander’ and ‘lies’ Donna than I give up. I thought that was a generous estimate at the time, but like I said I can’t remember the night that well. We don’t agree, but it’s not slander, grow up.

  • And Boybands dont jump around, they sit on chairs and croon. See Westlife and Boyzone. And Boyce Avenue.

  • Sarah

    Have you ever been to a Westlife or Boyzone concert? Because I can assure you they dance around and croon.
    Also, you’re saying that because Boyce Avenue sat on stools they’re a boyband? Maybe it was because they were playing guitars and also at one point a cajon, which requires you to sit on it.

    ‘Oddly enough, Boyce Avenue rarely credit their cover songs, perhaps hoping that the assembled youngsters will assume the classic are their own original efforts?’
    As I have already mentioned they did credit the covers that night as I was there, also, yes, there were ‘youngsters’ in attendance but many of the people there weren’t ‘youngsters’ as some have already stated.

    ‘When State leaves well before the expected encore (Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” is our guess, based on the MySpace page…), a couple are standing outside and scanning the listings to work out who the latest R&B track is by, assuming a big name is strumming away inside.’
    First of all, I would like to point out that their encore wasn’t ‘Drops of Jupiter’, just so you have the specifics.
    If a couple were standing outside wondering who they were, does that not say that they are infact good, if they’re interested enough to find out who they are. You also said earlier that a review isn’t how the fans reacted to the concert but yet you’ve used this couples reaction in your review. I might at least have a bit of respect for you if you didn’t contradict yourself.

  • Joanne

    Hey James!

    I would just like to say that of course everyone one is entitled to their own opinion however when you are writing an article for ALL TO SEE you should at least GIVE AN ACCURATE OPINION.

    I’ve been a fan of Boyce Avenue right from the start…and btw I’m not a teenager either, but I still love them! If anything they have the most diverse fan base. I have live videos of Boyce Avenue on YouTube and I can see the diverse sex/age of the viewers!!! I have seen three live shows (2 Glasgow & 1 Belfast). At each show the atmosphere was electric and guys had fun with the crowd, making them all memorable experiences.

    I agree with everything that has been stated above, Donna’s particularly highlight all the points and was at the SAME show so she knows what he is talking about.

    Boyce Avenue are found on YouTube by people through their covers BUT they stay hooked because of their originals, that’s what happened to me. It therefore makes sense for their shows to have a good balance of covers/originals ~ otherwise the fans would be disappointed. It is true they had one or two more covers in the European set list than the current US tour but that’s because their new album hadn’t been released yet.

    Boyce Avenue are no ‘boy band’ they three MEN that are in a BAND!

    As for the song writing abilities I don’t see say you can say they only had one heart-felt song and it’s laughable, every song is heart-felt and beautifully written. I have to admit when I first read “(a track the band look close to tears singing)” because of the tone of the article I honestly thought would were being derogatory, particularly because you had previously called them “sappy”. You say you didn’t mean it like that but it certainly reads like you did. When my friend heard ‘Briane’ live for the first time she cried!!!! Instead of being cynical maybe you should listen more.

    In response to your comment “It’s difficult to see the appeal of such a band.” > well over 280,000 YouTube subscribers & over 180,000,000 videos views point to something special and so do the numerous record labels that wanted to snap these guys up. Their music captures your heart but the fact that the guys are genuine sweet hearts and care dearly for their fans…this will keep them in our heart forever.

    ***Remember give an accurate impression next time!!!!*** ~ maybe you should have asked some of the people who attended that show for their opinion, that might have given your article a more balanced or at least more accurate impression. *I think you and your girlfriend must have been the only ones who were the exception.*

    P.S. YES the photos are fantastic but you didn’t take them!

  • Donna

    It seems to me James that you want to be able to write reviews, exagerate a lot about the bands/artists and then when people react you dont like critism. I guess you can give but can’t take back. Look at the first few comments under your article! These are people giving their reviews and opinions but it seems you don’t like hearing it from another side. I was only expressing MY opinion and giving my review. You did say yourself everyones entitled to their opinion, well then practice what you preach.

    “if Boyce Avenue actually came across like they were anything other than a high-grade karaoke act. I think most of us would have an (slightly) increased level of respect for any boy band that actually wrote their own music, especially if they did it well”

    1. They write their own music
    2. They have 2 albums of their own original music
    3. They arent a boyband, each and everyone of them are talented musicians who write, record and produce their own music.

    “Only over 18s in the place were parents at the back moaning about not being able to have a beer to get them through the night…”

    1. Im not a parent
    2. Im over 18
    3. It didnt bother me there was no alcohol.

    “Boyce Avenue rarely credit their cover songs, perhaps hoping that the assembled youngsters will assume the classic are their own original efforts?..”

    1. Boyce Avenue always ask the crowd ..who discovered us on YouTube?
    2. They also mention to the crowd that they began recording covers from artists that inflenced them
    3. They always credit their cover songs

    “It’s difficult to see the appeal of such a band. They’d play a decent role as a wedding act or pub circuit musician, and might even be entertaining for a cheese-fest in temple bar, but to be headlining the Academy – and selling a good few tickets, too – is frankly laughable..”

    1. Over 200,000 Youtube subscribers think different
    2. Doesnt the phrase selling a good few tickets suggest that they are popular?

    “They barely write any of their own songs, they have average voices and their main asset is looking nice..”

    1. They do write their own songs where did you get your information from?
    2. Sounds like an extremely childish remark that you would hear from a jealous school kid!

    “I didnt know much about Boyce Avenue before the show and I didnt go in with an agenda. If you dont like what I wrote, so be it, that doesnt really concern me..”

    1.Surely a professional author would research the band beforehand?
    2. If you didnt know much about the band where are you getting your information from? Its all hearsay.

    I dont know how many times I need to say this… but a review is supposed to be on the performance, negative, positive and neutral comments, not a hate fest for a band, especially one that you admit to not knowing anything about.

  • Alannah

    I was at the gig, and personally I don’t think this represents the gig well. So I’m just gonna post my review here.

    ‘The Dublin show was the best for me out of the two that I saw…
    Don’t get me wrong, Belfast was absolutely amazing, but the atmosphere in Dublin just put the concert into whole new league.

    Nick howard was absolutely amazing as their support, he sung just the right songs to get the crowd excited and his own songs were incredible.

    Then Boyce Avenue came on, and oh my goodness, I was blown away.
    I had tears in my eyes listening to ‘Briane’ and I felt such a surge to comfort the guys due to the emotion you could see in their eyes. I had more than butterflies in my stomach when they sung ‘Find Me’. Everybody was feeling the BA love, and some decided to show this by throwing knickers, bras and, most bizarrely, socks lol.
    It was amazing to here all of my favourite originals, and a handful of the covers that first drew me to the band. It made it more special to hear some of their newer songs which will be released in their next album, ‘All We Have Left’ which is to be released in June this year.

    I don’t think it could’ve been any better, it is the best concert of my life so far, hands down. I never could’ve imagined it being that incredible, but it honestly was. I will never forget those two nights and I hope that it won’t be too long until I can make some more new memories with the guys. ‘

  • Donna

    I’ll leave you with one last thought.

    How to write a review:

    “Be objective. Unlike news articles, the purpose of a review is pure opinion backed by FACTS, but giving TOO much opinion takes away the journalistic credibility. The audience trusts you to give an ACCURATE telling of the event, whether you personally liked it or not. If the band was horrible, tell what specifically made them horrible….”

  • Joanne

    Yip…I think we have made our case….!!!!!!

    P.S. I will NOT be reading anymore reviews/articles from this website >>> THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!!!!!!! I might miss out on a FANTASTIC BAND!!!!!

  • Eoghan

    “best concert of my life so far, hands down.” Really?
    Looks shit to me….

  • Alannah

    Why is it that James is getting annoyed about people slagging off his review and when I post a different review, I get slagged because of what James wrote?
    Can I ask Eoghan, where you at the concert?

  • edelluvsBA

    Mr Henticott, Firstly the photos are from different sides of the academy and with the big turn out Boyce Avenue usually get at concert i’m guessing there no hope in hell, anyone person, could make it to the other side of the room to take a picture and go back to your place for another,, maybe you should GIVE CREDIT to the people who actually took them instead of one person taking complete credit for someone else’s work!!

    Secondly, Boyce Avenue are amazing talent, who never take credit for anyone else’s work, they take in there pride to make sure people know where there music comes from cover or original,, i am surprised that you didn’t take note of them during each song, or maybe you where too busy coming up with ways to criticize them, about there hair,, and style,,
    there music happen’s to get millions of views on utube, i found Boyce Avenue on utube just a few weeks after there first uploads and have been listening to since, downloaded every album from itunes and supported them, over a year ago joining groups when i finally got proper access to internet sites and have become part of a very unique fan group

    And finally Boyce Avenue aren’t some pop up boy band,, not like boyzone and westlife, whose every decision was made for them coming out of “your a Star”,, this band have actually taken the time to show people who they are, not being handed song sheets to pretend are there own but sitting down and coming up with their own unique style with millions of people love, you should actually maybe contact fan groups and find your information that way instead of making conclusions without anything to back it up!

  • To be fair, just listened to them covering LoveStoned and Drops of Jupiter on Youtube and they weren’t awful. Dude’s voice is a bit vanilla but he’s a decent guitarist.

    I’m guessing James’ “rarely credit their cover songs” line refers specifically to that gig and they do seem to credit their songs properly in general. Seems like a bit of an innocuous thing to get upset about in any case.

    They do have great hair.

  • Eoghan

    Looks like the fan base need to learn their wheres from their weres, and their theres from their theirs….

    They also need to breath…

  • Jen Mackay

    I will add that I find your comment from your review erroneous, false, and libelous as it stands in your review. You ignored my comment that you failed to research your subjects before writing about them.

    Your quote below infers here is some kind of dishonesty or trickery involved by the Manzanos to their audience. You ignored my comment providing you with evidence to the contrary.

    “Oddly enough, Boyce Avenue rarely credit their cover songs, perhaps hoping that the assembled youngsters will assume the classic are their own original efforts?” (your words)

    Major newspapers and magazines print retractions when they make an error. Usually the editors in major stateside papers print it following the original article to clarify the error. That is journalistic integrity.

  • Delma

    You have no idea do you…Boyce Avenue is touring now and has had many sold out show. I went to one of the shows and the show was better than I ever imagined it would be. I have been a fan for 2 years. You have no idea and to waste time talking to you I will not waste anymore time. Just know that WE all know who Boyce Avenue is and they are known ALL over the world and your just a guy who wrote an artical that was found 3 months after you wrote it. That is all your comments mean nothing to me so don’t bother.

  • Eoghan

    Libelous? hahahaha, those 12 year olds need to go watch some Hannah Montana and take a chill pill. Libelous- hilarious. Like they have never heard any other band in their life

  • I think the whole things petty to be honest, and for the record I’m not offended, I actually find this whole thing quite amusing. What’s even more excessively petty, though, is the complaint that’s just been sent to the editorial team over this article, funnily enough they took my side. I’ll leave you guys to it, you’re entitled to your whinge, but I’m not going to spend any more of my time responding to comments that are only appearing because you dont agree with my opinion.

    Deal with it, or whinge away, either way is fine with me. Funny how no one was even slightly interested or offended for more than three months before the street team came along!

    As for the photos, I dont take credit for them. Read my first comment, it says ‘Abe’s photos were great’. He’s credited the same way as every other photographer we use. He’s also a good friend of mine, and I can assure he’s not offended by his credit!

    Ill have my last word. There’s no such thing as an ‘accurate opinion’. The fact that it even appears in your argument says it all. Carry on…

  • Jen Mackay

    So you fail to care about telling the truth and correcting your erroneous claim? It’s a really good thing you are not a writer living in the USA.

  • grrrrace


    It is entirely possible for a photographer to move through the Academy, even when it is at capacity. There are certain areas that you can only get to with a photo-pass, for instance.

    Photographers attend these events on a mission to get shots worthy of publishing. Determination accounts for a lot… The Academy is a venue in which is it relatively easy to move from side to side.

    A decent telephoto lens allows the photographer to shoot from the back of the room, in any case.

  • ahhh, the internet! What a horrible thing it can be.

  • Nay

    All these people reacting with such outrage is pathetic and gives the band unnecessary bad publicity. I’d never heard of Boyce Avenue before this article and the YouTube links and my enduring impression is going to stick with these ridiculous comments. If James did not hear the band crediting the cover versions at *this specific show* then I accept that he’s telling the truth. But regardless of whether or not people agree with his review, they have to understand that they’re making a terrible fuss about nothing. It’s no secret that US pop audiences have really low standards, hence the mainstream music industry being so heavily flooded with crap, but here in Ireland we actually expect successful bands to be talented. A band starting out on cover versions is incredibly lame – their original material should be strong enough to get them signed, not other people’s work. Ugh. Thanks James, for providing me with a new example of crap music to show my kids how it’s not supposed to be done.

  • DP.Cooper

    Here’s my two cents..the songs these boys covers are shit, their versions of said songs are shit and their original songs are shit..that’s just my opinion though

  • DP.Cooper

    Here’s my two cents..the songs these boys cover are shit, their versions of said songs are shit and their original songs are shit..that’s just my opinion though

  • Donna

    James, I think you need to cool down, I can see your breaking but all these people are doing is writing reviews, just like you did… they’re entitled to their opinion, just like you said?

    For the record your editorial team said you were entitled to your opinion BUT that you should not have said that they “rarely credit the artists they cover”

    I guess James doesn’t like to admit being wrong… hope you liked my last thought and take note it will help you out in future.

  • bex

    this is so ridiculas.. first of all… your review of Boyce Avenue, though while of some parts it was fair, if you genuinly didnt like the band, but your comments about them being a “boy Band” and worthy of those on the x factor, i completely disagree. and ANYWAY who said the acts that go on the x factor are bad anyway ! how about Leona Lewis ?! she has an amazing voice, just like Alejandro, so i dont personally take offence to the x factor comment, it could be seen as a good thing. And from your staring sentance, yeah, it does seem like your just pissed because you.. well.. couldnt get pissed ! why would you complain about lack of alchohol at a concert ?! what are you there for.. to listen to the music with clear ears, or look for some nice parents at the back looking bored through your beer goggles…i seriously doubt your credibility as a reviewer…and for those who read this, i could give you plenty of other reviews by actual online magazines who praise the band with both facts and opinions… maybe you should save your crappy review and false facts for people who will actually believe them.

  • The comments on this article are absolutely hilarious.. Totally incoherent for the most part with even accusations of slander on top.

  • Hello all, one of the editors of State here. This is the second time this week we’ve found ourselves bombarded by a seemingly orchestrated response to a review this week. The first was in response to my fairly uncritical review of Fox Avenue at Oxegen, leading to a mass of outrage and no little personal insults. As writers we except that our opinions are not that of everyone else’s but that is what we are here to do, give an opinion. On State we always encourage our writers to give an honest appraisal on whatever we ask them to cover, that way people know that when we say positive things we really mean them.

    The response to both these reviews is clearly over the top. Whereas James’ views on Boyce Avenue three months ago (!) were a lot more negative, this is just a single review. Any band will get good, bad and indifferent reviews and hopefully learn to accept all with good grace.

    What intrigues me here is how, when a review such as this is brought to the attention of a band’s street team (as we know happened here) just what image these people think they are presenting of their favourite band. The passion for Boyce Avenue here is clear and commendable, who hasn’t gone into battle for their choice of music in the past, but ultimately misplaced. This is a review that would have passed by largely un-noticed on a site such as this and is hardly likely to affect the band. To be honest, now they just seem a bit silly.

    The idea of State is to cover all sorts of music and while we have a largely alternative and non-mainstream feel we also cast our eye over pop music of all flavours. If we think it’s good we’ll say so, if not we’ll say so to. Our regular readers appreciate that and I’m afraid that if passing guests can’t accept that, then it’s time to move on. There’s nothing for you here….

  • Conall

    “Be nice. Keep it clean. Stay on topic. No spam.”
    Apparently, the (I’m assuming) teenagers commenting on this review didn’t read this as they abused the English language with their childishness. Come on lads, it’s just one review, don’t take it so seriously (not that I haven’t enjoyed reading this, it’s hilarious).

  • Dee

    Would you rather we listen to a track from “The Pigeon Detectives’? *wowzers* PLEASE where can I write an honest review for them, Mr.Hendicott? (oh wait, i have to go stop laughing first)

    If u want to credit someone (good or bad) for their review,guys…you must first consider the source>>

    <<<this is listen as "good music" by the author of this article on his facebook page.

    I suggest no further attention is wasted here…. already lost 30 minutes of my life reading it.

  • John Balfe

    Things I have learned today about Boyce Avenue:

    1. They are shit live.
    2. They are amazing live.
    3. They don’t give credit to the original artists of songs they cover.
    4. They give credit to the original artists of songs they cover.
    5. They have great hair.
    6. Reviews about them cannot contain any negativity because of the aforementioned great hair and amazing live performances.
    7. Reviews must contain nothing but facts and have no colour or opinion inserted (unless said colour or opinion depicts Boyce Avenue in a positive light and/or mentions the hair thing).
    8. Boyce Avenue fans are prone to being moved to tears during live performances.
    9. They have a lot of hits on YouTube.
    10. I probably wouldn’t like them

    Case closed.

  • Phil, clearly the solution is to stay out of Avenues in future. Perhaps just stick to the middle of the road?

  • Ryan

    Phil Udel,
    What are you saying? Its fine for James to write his review but its not fine for anyone to comment on it?? Totally ironic. James seems to attack anyone that comments on this article. Why put a comment box if opinions arent allowed?
    If James wants to give his opinion, tell him he has to understand that others should be allowed to be critical and state their views. That is what a review is! Im not a Boyce Avenue fan but I think that this article is very one sided and unfair. I would hate to see my favourite artist get ridiculed like this especially by someone who didnt take the time to do research.

    I write many articles myself and its always a rule that you be open minded and write a fair article and do your RESEARCH!! its called being RESPECTFUL. Yes, I myself can state whether I like an artist or dislike an artist but I would always back up my feelings with factual evidence.

  • Dee

    Nicely said

  • Yes, I like Pigeon Detectives, I also know several of the member of the band, which gives me a bit of a bias, but I’d like them anyway I think. So what? You want to list the rest of mt Facebook profile as well while you’re in proper freaky stalker mode? That really is ridiculous. Off to check my privacy settings, three random people with Boyce Avenue on their profile have added me today (if you’re here, you’ve all been rejected, though it has more to do with not adding random strangers on my facebook than anything else. I’m sure you’d be funny to debate with. You can email me through my website if you like. The contact form on the link you get by clicking my name. Carry on). I’d never review Pigeon Detective because I have an obvious bias. Why is someone else’s opinion so hard to deal with, really? Perhaps we should all get in a massive fight over who has better taste? I mean really.

    I don’t like them. I thought they were rubbish live. That’s it, there’s nothing else to say really is there? If it was a legal issue (and that really, really did make me laugh, I assume those complaints came from the lands of the overly litigious?), the editors would have taken it down, simple as that. There’s plenty here who agree with me, and that’s without the help of a street team. But its irrelevent either way. Like another poster said: opinion are like assholes. Everyone has one. This is mine, and Im sticking too it. End of.

    I only keep coming back cos this is so weird and personal and stalkerish… anyone found the link? Maybe we can stalk back…

  • Ryan,

    “What are you saying? Its fine for James to write his review but its not fine for anyone to comment on it??”

    Can you please re-read what Phil wrote and then point out exactly where he said it’s not okay to comment?

  • Caroline

    @Connall For the record I know most of the posters here and none that I know are teenagers.

  • Mark Henderson

    I have an idea.

    Lets write a review on James Hendicott

    1. Totally disrespectful to artists
    2. Too lazy to get off his ass and do his research
    3. Doesnt even attend the gigs and when he does he leaves early
    4. Can’t stand the competition when he sees good looking guys and gets jealous
    5. His pen is his weapon and he thinks he can use it to destroy many great artists
    6. He recuits his 12-13 year old posse as keyboard terrorists to bully those who disagree with his comments.
    7. His taste in music is shit (but we all know that)
    8. His destiny is not in Journalism, but bullshitism.

    Lets see if your sense of humour likes this when the jokes on you!?

  • “6. He recuits his 12-13 year old posse as keyboard terrorists to bully those who disagree with his comments.”

    Oh, the irony.

    About 95% of the comments here are from Boyce Avenue fans, probably only about 2 or 3 of them altogether, judging by the similar styles of writing across usernames.

    You guys are the ones who’ve been “recruited” as “keyboard terrorists”, obviously on some hideous boyce avenue fansite.

    Leave it out – seriously – you’re only making fools of yourselves.

  • Yep, hilarious, nice one Mark.

  • FYI folks: have just checked and it appears ‘Ryan’ (the, ahem, ‘journalist’) and ‘Mark Henderson’ are the same person.

    It’s not the first time an incident of that nature has occured on this topic either. If you wish to participate and hold any credibility at all, please don’t use other aliases.

  • Thierry Henry > James Hendicott…

  • Bullshitism?

  • Eoghan

    I hope I never hear about this shit band other than here. Everyone on the street team are tools who wouldn’t know good music if it stared them in the face. I hope State never features a band as bad as The Shittest Band IN The World ever again. It was funny to read the comments at the start but after 50+ emails updating me on new comments it just beggers belief that people can be this stupid about music. State, I like you so keep up what you are doing. Everyone dissing James, Phil and all the rest of the team really needs to get out more, see some new bands do something more creative with your time. Before you get really old and realise you have wasted your time on a band who don’t want to be associated with you….

  • You mean Ryan who doesnt like Boyce Avenue and Mark who does Patrick? Lol. Thierry Henry kicks my ass Sean 😉

  • AP

    look, from reading earlier comments, I can quite easily gather who does and who does not like boyce avenue. Personally, I think they are, if not the best, then one of the best bands i have ever heard and seen live.

    I think that everyone should calm down a little and learn to accept that this reviewer doesn’t and will never like these three very talented brothers. I too have friends that do not like boyce avenue, and although I do not understand it, I accept it. Some people will never find that connection, that a lot of us see, to the manzano brothers and in my opinion, that’s their loss.

    For the record, I do believe that the reviewer ( haven’t bothered to learn his name) has gone a little too far and probably should have anticipated this reaction from fans. Although boyce avenue may not have as many fans as big bands like muse or the goo goo dolls, they do have the most passionate fans. And I were them, I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

    So, to conclude, I am not angry at the reviewer, I just think he’s missing out.

    P.S. Yes I may be a teenage girl, but I have never fallen for a soppy boyband like westlife or boyzone because they’re just not the same.

  • Do you know what AP? That might just be the most sensible thing said all day. I just wonder why it took three months for this to come up. Anyway, I have to go and write my Jedward review now….

  • You took the words right out of my mouth, Phil!

  • AP

    Thank you. I only heard about this review today, because it was all over my facebook page, with people getting really mad at the author.

  • Dee


    Its your public profile on facebook dude. If u dont want people to see your tooche – then keep your britches on 😉

    Just wanted you to get a taste man. And no, i didnt listen to them all. Your friends were my first pick and the link was the ONLY song I listened to. I suppose that means that my opinion of them would not be considered well rounded, intelligent or fair. Hmmm….interesting point.

    Take care man- your are very good at what u do. (by that i mean raising an eyebrow from those who wouldn’t normally even be looking)

    BTW I am easily found as well on FB & YOUTUBE..stalk away! lol

  • Teresa

    yeah..maybe we should ALL calm down a little..;-)
    there a people who love Boyce Avenue..and there are people, who hate them 😉
    for reason i can’t understand though (because i’m a big fan as well).

    James, i really think your review has gone a little too far, and i can understand why sooo many people are extremely angry ..and so was i btw 😉

    but actually..there are really disrespectful comments here as well..may it be the Boyce Avenue haters or lovers.
    sometimes i don’t understand why people always have to start fighting, because the people they’re talking to have a different opinion ?! can anyone tell me that please ?

    i still love Boyce Avenue and i know why i love them ..and for all those people who don’t..i don’t care.

  • Dee


    Its your public profile on facebook dude. If u dont want people to see your tooche – then keep your britches on 😉

    Just wanted you to get a taste man. And no, i didnt listen to them all. Your friends were my first pick and the link was the ONLY song I listened to. I suppose that means that my opinion of them would not be considered well rounded, intelligent or fair. Hmmm….interesting point.

    Take care man- your are very good at what u do. (by that i mean raising an eyebrow from those who wouldn’t normally even be looking)

  • Lylesgirl

    Wow, you get paid for this? What a joke.

  • Jaaaames Hendicott I can’t BELIEVE you didn’t like The Fox Avenue Boyces – they wuz AWESUMMM. You suk.

  • TIffany

    OK part of this im going to agree with the “writer”…yes he’s entitled to have his own opinion of the band in which we SHOULD respect ur opinion. I’m not hashing u, or bad mouthing you by any means…And yes I am “friends” with the Street teams of Boyce Avenue on facebook…I go to the shows as often as i’m able to. I’m far from a stalker…honestly i could care less what people say because as mentioned everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But honestly…i think the hardcore fans (which don’t get me wrong i’m one myself) just can’t fathom the fact that more effort wasn’t put into the lil bit of research pertaining their background. That is why everyone is so irritated with this review…Personally I will respect your opinion…but it doesn’t mean i have to like it but i will respect it. As it’s always said “to each their own.” These guys aren’t out there doing what they do to make everyone happy. If it happens GREAT, if it doesn’t, better luck next time. They love to sing, they love meeting their fans. Seriously everyone just needs to stop bashing on the writer…i know all YALL agree with everyone having their own opinion…just take it as a grain of salt…this is old news…if you’re a fan of BA i’m almost gauranteed you will continue to be a fan. If you’re not…then so be it.

  • Well the good news is that the band are coming back here in November so we’ll be able to give them another chance. Now can we please move on?

  • Can I review it Phil?

    (Just in case anyone missed that, I’M JOKING!)

  • Ana_R

    To the author:

    Sad to see that such amazing photos are attached to an insolent and coarse article, that’s my opinion. Well, opinions vary and its not like the end of the world, but please next time you do a review or a critique, do a thorough research and make it an honest one, not just you simply dislike the artist you’re doing a review with.

  • Lesha

    I agree 100% with Ana… DO THE RESEARCH!!!

  • Ad

    I think your article is boring and it makes me think you repeat what some of your friends said because it seems that you don’t know what you’re talking about.
    I also think you’re not good at what you do (writing lame articles)… oh but don’t get me wrong… that is JUST my opinion… maybe I should write an article about you 😛

  • Believe me, the words ‘Boyce Avenue’ had never passed my friends lips before I saw them, and only do now for a bit of fun! But feel free to write an article about me, send me a link, I’ll look forward to reading it 🙂

  • Niamh

    Oh god. Oh dear. I have literally never been so embarrassed for a group of people reading the comments on this review.

    Someone should link Boyce Avenue to it, id imagine there would be a few people getting sprinted away from after shows. Terrifying. If i had a euro for every bad review a band i was a fan of received online and otherwise id be a relatively rich woman. You read it and think ‘aw ok they dont get it the way i get it’ and move along. You dont accuse the writer of libel and slander (LOL) and then attempt to add him on Facebook(to do what exactly, instant message about how they credit EVERYONE for their karaoke? jesus christ)…those are the actions of lunatics, not fans of any music.

    Boyce Avenue need to make a call for a new street team, because ive never heard of them before today, and their current one does for them what the westboro baptist church does for religion.

  • Michael


    I had to laugh when I read this review and the comments. I wouldn’t normally comment on these types of articles but couldn’t resist in this instance.

    First off the reaction from fans is way overboard, your right not to pay too much attention to ‘street teams’ who will setup organised dissent if you say anything they don’t agree with.

    That said, I agree with some of their sentiment. It’s probably not fair to the band to write a review having not stayed for the entire show. Also it’s probably not fair to say they’re practically a boyband.

    These guys have generated massive traffic to their YouTube site and as marketeers this is extremely well done. Their videos are professionally produced and obviously pre-recorded (which I don’t have a problem with).

    While I didn’t make the gig, what I do like about these guys is their ability to take a song like Bleeding Love which I personally couldn’t stand and re-work it so that the core elements of the song come through. So many of these pop songs are extremely good songs but it’s the production values that make them so hard to like. A great case in point is Umbrella which at it’s core is an amazingly well written song, which is why it can be covered by the Manics and still sound great.

    You should take a look at the YouTube videos and look at how they’ve taken a horribly overproduced pop song and reworked it, changed chord structures (open and varied tuning) and made new art from it.

    Of course these guys need to write their own songs and should not be relying on covers which is why I would never sign them if they don’t have the raw talent to produce great songs themselves.


  • Sarah

    Hello all,

    I read this article back in july and was going to comment but thought not to. I honestly don’t like to comment on a lot of things as such because I know that it is in the reviewers point of view.

    I was reading the comments from the fans, whom I know, and from others. And I agree with both sides. Both sides here have gone a tad bit over board.
    James- Your opinion is respected. You find Boyce Avenue lame and its not your taste, oh well. It’s music we all our tastes. But I am at a tad lost here, where you to review Boyce Avenue’s music or that one specific gig? If Boyce Avenue, then I think you should’ve been to another gig seen how that was or at least, maybe, listened to some of their music on YouTube. I believe its just hard to judge a band on one gig. And the article was a bit harsh. I mean why talk about their hair and clothes? Irrelevant to me. About their covers, A lot of people post covers of songs they like on youtube, these guys twisted some of the covers into their own, kinda changing the tabs a bit and the fans like it so they play it. And to be honest a lot of us stumble upon some early bands/singers who do covers so I find the comment about them wanting the teenagers to think they did them harsh and wrong. If a fan doesn’t know what, e.g: “next song is a cover called iris”, means then that fan shouldn’t be listening to music. They do well known songs by well known artists. And I doubt it would be embarrassing at all to mention it! But oh well, what has been done has been done.

    To the Fans- Yes, I know we love the guys very much and we LOVE their music but then again others don’t. Yes I disagree with some comment made by James, and others I respect his view. A lot of the fans agree with his opinion and say that he could’ve did it in different context while at the same time I believe that some of the fans could’ve made their point in different ways too. The boys wouldn’t lash out like a lot of you did. So what if he doesn’t like them he’s a review-ist we can’t go crazy every time something mean is written about the band. But what we can do instead is just calm down and try to take the high road and discuss it like adults with different opinions and ACCEPT that. Some things didn’t have anything to do with the article and seemed that it was more personal speaking. They will get more harsher reviews by different people and we’ll have to accept & UNDERSTAND that and just correct them IF they give any concrete wrong information. Sending a complaint to the head State is way too much! It’s not like he said they stole some one’s song when it was their own or something, that was a tad bit too much. This could’ve been handled a lot more humanly and more maturely. A battle is not always won by numbers, it can be done by one person!

    James, why don’t you do the review in November? Would it not be fun for another out burst? :P…..

  • king

    did a nice job making controversy with first, strong statements on something you saw in a day to summarize a career these brothers have. second, after saying that you would not dignify an argument as people are entitled to their opinion, you respond away having to explain yourself every time, for the last time.

    here’s my two cents. the guys perform and they have a fan base of people who appreciate their style. style is always original even when copied, as there is a conscious decision to do this. in the same manner that you learned to write in a certain “style” right?

    take it with a pinch of salt when people tell you that you seem to be too harsh with your words and summary judgments. these guys aren’t destroying your livelihood by their style so don’t let yours disrupt theirs. if you didn’t enjoy the gig and had to write about it…then set some decency on the remarks as you actually have proven you can’t take strong feedback all too well.

  • Charlie

    Hey guys,

    Just been reading through all of this as an attempt to get away from work! I’m going to try and be impartial here as I’l say from the outset, I’m a big fan of Boyce Avenue and have followed them since their first video on Youtube, seen them live twice (and once again in a few days time!).

    Firstly, I’d say that James has every right to voice his opinion. He obviously doesn’t know the band well and for the looks of things attends a large number of gigs and events. However, James, I think you’ve probably attended the wrong gig if you’re writing a review like this. Perhaps you’d be better off writing about a band you actually enjoyed seeing, critiquing the performance and giving your overall opinion at the end? I’ll admit that BA may seem, to many people, not least a load of my mates, a cover band, and of course, this is how they started, but to suggest that they mask their origionals behind other artists is utter bullshit (please excuse the use of that word.) If you saw the amount of work these guys put into touring around the world, not just their native America, and putting out their own music to those people, you might consider re submitting your article perhaps? I suggest you visit, search Boyce Avenue, click the album entitled ‘All We Have Left’, and spend around 45 minutes out of your day listening to some good music.

    Articles like this shouldn’t be posted about a ‘fledgling’ band such as Boyce Avenue. To be fair, I’m working hard at the moment in my city to get the word around about their show next week becuase they don’t use record company backing on tour, despite being signed to one of the biggest lables in the USA. I suggest you listen to the album and get back to me when you have done so.

    Cheers all,


  • Charlie

    Just a quick one. People might be interested, but I want to try it out. I’m going to write a review of the Boyce Avenue gig next Tuesday and I’m going to be a) completely honest and b) completely, and utterly impartial. Will be up next week, read if you are interested 🙂

  • White

    Wow, James Hendicott, this article = Epic Fail. 
    Boyce Avenue is an amazing band, I’ve been a fan of them since the beginning. If you don’t like them that’s your choice to have such unfortunate judgement in music. I think it’s funny how people talk shit about you and your article and you’re so quick to defend your uneducated response, but it’s ok for you to refer to boyce avenue as just another “boy band” with cute matching hairstyles? Hmmmm… you’re pretty much an idiot with no talent as far as your “musical ear” goes & writing skills.

  • 12345

    Boyce Avenue are crap, no different to that rubbish band Journey South that appeared on britains got talent or wherever they appeared. Any band that does covers of Backstreet Boys has no credibility as a rock band at all. Since their entire fanbase is from Youtube, Youtube is the same channel that made that retarded childish ‘Fred’ famous, have you seen the size of Fred’s fanbase? Enough said. Youtube users are immature idiots, geeks or nerds that have no clue whatsoever about quality nor originality.

  • Toto

    i am no hater.. i guess Mr Hendicott has a very unique opinion which differs to all Boyce Avenue Fan Base. the bottom line is it always depends on what type of music you like..
    if you reviewed this band on a one sided point of view then this is the result..

    i’ve first heard about boyce avenue thru my roommate. he was listening to one of my fave coldplay song which they covered. it pretty exploded from there and eversince i have become one of the band’s follower..

  • c

    lol just shut up