by / November 21st, 2014 /

Chet Faker — The Academy, Dublin

There is something about mid week gigs that can really disrupt the enjoyment of a concert. People seem slightly on edge, all too aware of the responsibilities that besiege them in the morning. But on this Tuesday night, Australian native Chet Faker has somehow managed to make the crowd forget their worries with wild abandon. It’s a sell out show and people seem to be wedged in every corner of the Academy as the man of the night takes to the stage.

It’s just him and his keyboard and a sea of production equipment, but it is impossible to take your eyes of him. He’s completely engaging and by the time ‘I’m Into You’ comes around four songs in, everyone is hooked. He whips out an onslaught comprised of ‘Terms and Conditions’, ‘Cigarettes and Chocolate’ and ‘No Diggity’; basically ensuring that everyone is up, singing along and dancing. He chats to the audience in between songs his voice low yet clear, giving the show the intimacy of a pub gig.

Chet Faker has pure belief in his own talent, he doesn’t need the backup of a distracting lights show or a backing band. He lets his voice, gravelly and crisp, do all the work and when he closes with an acoustic version of ‘Talk Is Cheap’ it is clear that this man embodies raw talent. Soulful, exciting and sweet if all too short, Chet Faker puts on a truly special show. Even on a Tuesday night.