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Delorentos – The Academy, Dublin

Delorentos released their second album You Can Make Sound last October and saw it go straight into the Irish charts at number 2. It was the band’s first release on their own Delorecords label and catchy lead single -Secret’ was a reminder to fans just why the North Co. Dublin quartet are so popular here. The follow-up to their 2007 Top 10 debut In Love With Detail may have shown little by way of experimentation, with the band sticking to their trademark jagged indie guitar pop, but there’s no denying the power and sharpness of the new tracks’ pin-point melodies.

Their sophomore release sealed the band’s commitment to continue with music, after a period of uncertainty caused singer Ronan Yourell to announce that he was leaving Delorentos. Thankfully, he subsequently decided to stay, and the busy Academy crowd are delighted that they can still spend their Friday evening in the company of this excellent live act.

Their set opens with -Hallucinations’, a Franz Ferdinand-esque slice of guitar pop, and they waste little time between songs, tearing seamlessly through a mixture of old and new material. True, the Delorentos sound is no new art form, but when experienced live, it takes on a new burst of life. The four-piece centres on co-frontmen Ronan Yourell and Kieran McGuinness and the dual vocals really set them apart from the rest of the pack, from acapella openings to charming harmonies, ably supported by an air-tight rhythm section and jaggedly uptempo guitars.

New single, -You Say You’ll Never Love Her’ is introduced early in the set: an up-tempo alt-rock tune with a dark edge, it sounds fantastic. The momentum continues to build throughout their set, with -Eustace Street’s jerky, insistent melody a standout moment. The encore provides the night’s real highlights, however, with the tender piano and acoustic guitar-led ‘I Remember’, while bassist, Níal Conlan takes over lead vocal duties for -Let the Light Go Out’ which surprisingly, and to the bashful bassist’s bemusement, gets the loudest cheer of the night. The catchy and hook-laden ‘Secret’ towers above everything else played tonight, and when it segues into ‘Stop’, it’s a perfect one-two, the band looking like they’re having as much fun as the crowd are. Delorentos are a band striving for a big stage and on tonight’s evidence, they are well equipped for it. A triumphant performance.
Photos: Julie Bienvenu

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