by / September 9th, 2010 /

Electric Picnic 2010: Two Door Cinema Club, Friendly Fires

Two Door Cinema Club

Ah, to be local heroes. Sure, they might come from a small corner of Northern Ireland, but the homecoming Kings is exactly what Two Door Cinema Club feel like today, wheeling out their brand of infectious, playful pop-rock in the midst of an Electric Arena love in. From opener ‘Cigarettes In The Theatre’ to big closing single ‘I Can Talk’, fists are flying and a hefty vocal echo lights up the packed tent. Joining the mass influx at the start of the set, State, can’t help notice just how much Two Door throw themselves about the stage these days, adding in the antics to the tunes. Recent single ‘Something Good Can Work’ has established itself as a fans’ favorite, while the biggest cheers of the night is reserved for the announcement of an Irish tour later this year. If the smiles and mass affection for the lads and their energetic new drummer is any measure, Two Door Cinema Club don’t have far to go before becoming real house hold names.

Friendly Fires

Given Two Door’s growing reputation and range of great tunes, their minor overlap with Friendly Fires leaves us with a dilemma, one we solve by running drunkenly over just in time to catch the dying notes of the superb ‘Jump In The Pool’. Friendly Fires glimpses of tuneful pop are notably absent tonight, though, with the band taking a ‘heavier than on record’ route, lively and danceable indie propped up with some slamming riffs are the order of the day. Throw in Ed Macfarlane’s ever-ridiculous dancing (of which there wasn’t nearly enough) and you have a recipe for great entertainment, one which built to a crescendo over the duration and left a main stage crowd screaming for more. Given the low turn out for main stage performances earlier in the day (mere spatterings at times), it’s clear tracks like a fiery ‘Kiss Of Life’ and ‘Paris’ are just what we need. There’s no doubting the dance punks are the best thing ever to come out of St Albans; bring on a long-overdue new album.

Friendly Fires photo by Alessio Michelini.