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Electric Picnic 2011: Moths & Austra


Heart-pumping electronica from the 18 year-old producer representing the Newbridge massive. From complete unknown to much-hyped Irish producer and remixer of a marquee name like Interpol (all while pumping out enough study to respectively finish his Leaving Certificate exams) in just over six months, Jack Colleran hasn’t had much time to catch up with himself but if his Body And Soul Love Letter set is anything to go by, this kid doesn’t need much time to put his own spin on heady electronic music, even if not much is happening on stage (visuals in future maybe?). He even manages to fit in an unreleased Bon Iver remix at the start of the set.
(Words by Niall Byrne)

Austra – Body & Soul

Soon after they played Dublin earlier this year, Austra were announced for Electric Picnic. While their show in Crawdaddy was completely sold out, it wasn’t much more than club-size and drew a certain niche audience. Austra’s music could be described as new-wave pagan pop, with beat-driven gothic-electro as a vehicle for singer Kate Stelmanis operatic bleats. Like witches gathered round a cauldron, the Canadian five-piece assemble on Body & Soul’s Main Stage at the devil’s hour, and it doesn’t take long for their spells to work. Pulsing bass lines and quivering electronics suck the waiting crowd down into a hole, a natural amphitheatre edged by creaking trees with oddities hanging from them – Tim Burton couldn’t have designed it better. From the glowing stage, Gregorian chant harmonies have a hypnotising effect, ‘Darken Her Horse’ lures with creepy electronica. ‘Lose It’ exercises vocal acrobatics, ‘The Future’ captures danceable anxieties and ‘The Pulse & Beat’ combines tribal drumming and programmed beats with chunky synths and chiming sound effects. This is disco music, but it’s some intense dark disco music, even Fever Ray would be spooked. In an unlikely setting, the music of Austra has never been more at home – a perfect presentation of their debut record Feel It Back. The stage has become a platform for rising acts, the late night slot in particular playing host to some infamous shows. By coming back to play an en core, it’s clear that Austra enjoyed themselves as much as their growing fanbase. And Body & Soul can claim the best gig of the weekend.
(Words by Alan Reilly)

Here’s the full gallery of Sunday at Electric Picnic in pictures by Damien McGlynn.