by / September 6th, 2011 /

Electric Picnic 2011: Santigold, The Gorgeous Colours & Angkorwat


Three years ago Santi White played a stunning set in the Cosby tent at EP. We haven’t had much new material from her since but that hasn’t lessened the impact of her live show. The songs from her self-titled debut such as ‘L.E.S. Artistes’ and ‘Say Aha’ have matured into near-classics by now. Easily translated to the larger tent of the Electric Arena, Santigold is an even more commanding performer than before. We also get a sneak peek at new material with a new song that sounds very similar to Drake’s new single ‘Headlines’, and the rendition of Major Lazer’s ‘Hold The Line’ is a nice crowdpleasing moment. It’s Santigold’s backing dancers with their innovative choreography involving props and BAMF dance moves which take the set to another level of fun.

The Gorgeous Colours

Body and Soul’s natural amphitheatre and impeccable sound is a great place to catch any performer. So it was with some luck that State inadvertently stumbled upon The Gorgeous Colours playing their only performance of the weekend. The Irish band draw from harmonic folk, lush melodic acoustic pop and Calexico-esque intricate rock. A growing confidence is evident in the band’s increasingly consistent musicianship. They finish with ‘It’s OK To Be Normal’ from The Creatures Down Below EP, their most accomplished song to date while a little happy dance circle bops along gently to the song. Going by this performance, The Gorgeous Colours forthcoming second album will be the one that brings them deserved recognition.


The Love Letter stage may be the prettiest stage at Electric Picnic with its homemade patterned glass windows, hanging lights and picnic benches but the sound loses any depth about 15 metres back from the stage. So the only course of action is to get right up the front and get blasted at short range. Niamh Corcoran aka Angkorwat’s set was equally upfront and gritty. What sounds lo-fi on recordings, has a bigger and clearer impact on a stage, synth lines and beats boomed with urgency and hazy vocals drifted in and out of the set. New material would be most welcome.

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