by / February 11th, 2015 /

Faces of February – Mercantile, Dublin

A swift return to the Mercantile after our January launch gig saw three more of our Faces of 2015 take to the stage for the second of our live shows for the year. Pockets (pictured) are in town for two shows and it’s testament to their rapid progress that they can deliver largely different sets on both nights. Their half hour in our company is simply magical, twisting through light and dark moments with enigmatic ease. Understated in performance, their quiet persona belies the noise that they create. Marvellous.

Stephen Tiernan has brought some friends with him to help realise his Participant project live, translating his studio tinkerings to the wider world. As might be expected, this is intricate stuff – looking inward for musical inspiration – but ebbs and flows nicely, drawing the audience in rather than screaming for their attention.

Buffalo Woman are a completely different experience in every sense. Stripped of the plethora of instruments and pedals that preceded them, the fill the stage with their personalities and joyous pop music. There’s something strange about them too (in a good way), an oddness that suggests these are more than just good time tunes, a down to the upbeat. As has been the theme all evening, you can’t beat a bit of substance to match the style.