by / September 22nd, 2016 /

Flatbush Zombies – the Academy, Dublin

Flatbush Zombies never shy away from professing their love of wrestling. While there are no blatantly obvious references to the WWE in their live show, at least to the untrained eye, the huge amounts of showmanship on display clearly draw from that world to some degree. Their hour-long set is nothing short of a spectacle that entertains and energises the Academy to almost unprecedented levels.

A$AP Twelvy sets the bar high early. It helps that he has posse cuts and other well known tracks to fall back on but even without the callbacks and singalongs, his talent on the mic is the most prevalent element of his short performance. He’s clear, concise and his turn makes a case for him perhaps being the most understated member of the A$AP Mob.

Let’s not lie to ourselves though, the best thing about professional wrestling was always the tag teams. It was always more thrilling to see the Undertaker and Kane together rather than individually. That same theory is applied to a Zombies show. The set is designed to allow breathing room for each member and also assures that when all three are together on stage, which isn’t as often as you’d think, it is a sight to behold. There’s an obvious understanding – their rapport as a group is one of the strongest tools they have in their arsenal and they don’t want to overuse it.

They may have three highly acclaimed mixtapes behind them, but the focus is mostly on their recent debut album, 3001: A Laced Odyssey. Regular appearances of newer tracks doesn’t dampen energy levels in the slightest. The Academy heaves from side to side with mosh pits, walls of death and stage diving for the entire 60 minutes. It’s hectic but each member is somewhat controlling the chaos.

They exit leaving nothing but a trail of exhausted bodies all gleaming with exuberance and a simple message of “open your fucking mind.” Wrestlers were always referred to as ‘superstars’, and that is how Meech, Erick Arc Elliot and Juice are treated by their fans. Each high five or fist bump instantly turns into a story that person will be regaling for the next month. This was their first Irish show to date, but years of experience performing worldwide has gifted Flatbush Zombies with the ability to have the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands and after shows like this one that ability will only be heightened next time around.