by / November 20th, 2010 /

Guilty Optics / C!ties – Róisín Dubh, Galway

If the previous Out On A Limb Records split-7” tour (Windings and Vertigo Smyth) was a relatively mellow, low-key affair by the label’s standards, the teaming-up of C!ties and Guilty Optics is enough to melt the face of the most hardened gig-goer. C!ties, an instrumental trio from Ennis, Clare, tear it up with a set that not only brings the volume but also wrong foots you with deft twists and turns, with the band switching between pounding post-rock, guitar-led grooves and electronic flourishes. The upstairs spot in the Róisín Dubh is as tight as it gets, but it doesn’t stop them from getting up close and personal with the crowd. The razor-sharp riffing of ‘Krakatoa’, their side of the new 7”, brings a massively impressive set to a close.

Guilty Optics are seemingly even louder: theirs is a frenzied, intense, post-hardcore-influenced sound that calls to mind Jogging or the late Giveamanakick. As with many bands of this ilk, the drummer (Peter Lee) is an absolute powerhouse, driving the songs along with relentless energy, but he’s matched by pulverising bass and blistering guitar-lines. ‘White Teeth’ is their side of the record being toured, and is a furious, thumping slice of raw energy. Definitely two bands to watch.