by / November 9th, 2009 /

Ham Sandwich – Whelan’s, Dublin

Hidden away from the world for the past few months writing their second album, Ham Sandwich have briefly reappeared to launch new single -Out Of The Darkness’ and reacquaint themselves with their live audience at their home from home. Marking their return with the now customary falling giant balloon and confetti shower, the first of their selection of new numbers -White Fox’ saw them joined by violinist Sarah and the appearance of Podge in pink and black striped shirt and matching shiny pants. Oh how we’ve missed them.

There’s a lot of unfamiliar material on show tonight, all of which suggests that album number two will pick up the pace of Carry The Meek, but of course it’s the likes of -St. Christopher’, -Words’ and an awesome -Click, Click, Boom!’ that set the place alight. Wrapping up with a version of -Never Talk’ that saw D’Arcy lay down his guitar and join Ollie on drums, before the band stride off stage and the crowd finish the song themselves.

As ever, the band’s songs are matched by their live performance, with Podge picking his parents out on the balcony and asking the audience to say hello, and demanding that Niamh Farrell watch her language. Her response – a tirade of abuse to make Malcolm Tucker blush. It’s great to have them back…

Photography by Kieran Frost

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  • looking at that gratuitous ass shot of podge on the second page of photos and laughed out loud. He’s the lady gaga of whelans.